The EVO Cam ll digital microscope offers up to 300x optical magnification, 12x digital zoom (combined magnification up to 3,600x), customizable overlays to aid inspection, up to 10 pre-sets for reduced setup time, and the option to wirelessly save images.

The microscope is equipped with dimensioning capabilities using a grid overlay in the X- and Y-axis. The large zoom range measures different-sized components without multiple systems. With a custom pre-set, calibrations at set zoom positions are saved for rapid dimensioning results.

Vision Engineering

Angle heads

Angle heads add a cutting axis to existing machines, allowing machining from additional angles without tilt tables. Fixed 45°and 90° angles are available as is a flexible model that can be set to any angle to reach inaccessible areas. The angled portion of the holder can be rotated freely 360°, allowing the axis to face any direction. Fixed models come with an external nozzle for directing coolant at the cutting surface. Center-through coolant can be added.

The models use a range of collet sizes, allowing tools from 0.5mm to 20mm (0.020" to 0.787") to be chucked. Taps can be chucked by using tension/compression tap adapters. The plunger locking the unit in place is offered in different lengths for different spindle surface configurations and reduced setup time.

Angle heads are available in CAT, HSK, and BT shanks, with other shanks to accommodate custom orders.

NT USA Corp.

Light sources

The nLight light sources are available on 900 series fiber lasers, combining laser technology with laser cutting systems to allow job shops and OEMs to cut reflective red metals.

The 8kW nLight alta fiber lasers power an array of industrial cutting applications. Proprietary back reflection technology allows full-power cutting of even the most reflective metals such as polished stainless, aluminum, brass, and copper. Designed to be serviced onsite, the nLight alta family of fiber lasers can withstand harsh environments.

Cincinnati Inc.

nLight Inc.

Crossover vise

The DX4 CrossOver Vise, a reduced size version of DX6 CrossOver Vise, offers workholding strength and performance to support flatness and parallelism.

It is available in a manual model and manual reverse model for easier part programming in Y-axis positive direction.

With enlarged jaw holding capacity, vises feature a 6.5" jaw opening within the inside jaw position. A lighter and narrower vise body with a 4.96" x 12.50" footprint allows more vises on the machine table. The vise body also provides chip evacuation through the body at vise sides and end, preventing chip build-up.

Kurt Industrial Products

Rare earth magnets

A selection of N52 high-strength rare-earth neodymium magnets are available online. Beginning with grade N27, neodymium magnets were introduced more than 15 years ago. After several advancements, the industry standard is now the N42; however, the N52 is 10% to 15% more powerful. The magnets are used in a variety of applications, including sensors, switches, holding assemblies, security, and communications devices.

Online inventory includes a variety of sizes for plugs (including plugs with adhesive backing), disks, cylinders, rectangles, rings, and countersunk rings. They are available in 0.060" to 3.000" thickness.

Bunting Magnetics Co.

Coating measurement system

The P Series, a benchtop X-ray fluorescence (XRF) instrument, simultaneously identifies elements (Al13 through U92 on the periodic table) in each of up to five coating layers, with precision and speed.

The proximity of the X-ray tube and detector produces more than 3x the photon counts of conventional XRF equipment, and in a shorter measurement time.

An extended programmable X-, Y-axis makes the series suitable for measuring small features or parts such as fasteners, connectors, and polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB). Table size is 25" X 25"; travel is 10" X 10".

Integrated Xralizer software quantifies coating thickness from detected photons and combines visual controls with time-saving shortcuts, extensive search capability, and one-click reporting.


Hardness testers

HR-530 series feature an electronic control for Rockwell, Rockwell Superficial Rockwell testing of plastics (A & B), and Light Force Brinell hardness testing. Without cutting the ring, inside ring hardness can be tested. Minimum diameter is 34mm, but IDs as small as 22mm can be tested using an optional 5mm diamond indenter.

Mitutoyo America Corp.

High-pressure coolant for thread turning

Jetstream Tooling high-pressure coolant for threading includes shank holders for external applications, boring bars for internal applications, and GL-heads for steadyline boring bars.

Thread turning holders deliver a concentrated high-pressure jet of coolant through a hose connection for up to 275 bar/3,988psi coolant inlets close to the cutting edge. High-pressure coolant can penetrate the heat vapor barrier that develops on a cutting tool and workpiece in the cut zone. It guides chips away from the cut and increases tool life, even with minimal pressure.

For titanium parts or similar materials, the technology breaks the tough threading chips to increase tool life. When threading steel and stainless steel, chip control can boost cutting speeds 30% to 60% without compromising thread surface quality.

Seco Tools LLC

High-speed machining center

For 5-axis machining with a small footprint, the ultimate die & mold (UD) 400/5X vertical machining center accommodates workpieces up to 264.55 lb, 15.75" in diameter and 11.81" high. The table’s B- and C-axis use direct-drive motors, eliminating vibration and heat build-up while enabling rapid traverse rates of 60rpm in the B-axis and 150rpm in the C-axis.

The 45,000rpm HSK-E40 spindle features temperature-controlled, circulating cooling oil. Axis travels for X, Y, and Z measure 15.75", 21.65", and 13.78".

The UD-400/5X also includes high-accuracy scale feedback on its linear and rotary axes and high-specification linear guides for smooth movement.