The LPS-T plate saw with vertical bandsaw blade comes with a linear-guided material table with support surface, providing a cutting capacity of 50.0" x 24.4" x 24.0". Flexible material positioning and clamping is achieved using T-slots in the table, enabling optimum positioning of fixtures or clamps.

Saw feed takes place using ball screws with servo drive. A cutting pressure control system links the servo feed to a cutting pressure regulation system, producing a constant level of chip removal and higher cutting outputs. Longer blade life and improved accuracy and cut quality lower cutting costs.

The LPS-T can run bimetal or carbide saw blades, is driven with a 5.4hp drive motor, and runs over large, wear-proof band wheels.

Bandsaw changeover is completed by a single operator in around 2 minutes without the aid of tools. Electrically powered chip brushes on both sides of the blade synchronize to the blade speed for chip removal.

Behringer Saws Inc.