The GrindoSonic MK7 uses impulse excitation technique (IET) to non-destructively measure material characteristics. The universal instrument for industrial quality control and research purposes is equipped with Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) visualization.

Since a correlation exists between breaking load and natural frequency, the GrindoSonic MK7 is an alternative to destructive testing, with users receiving E- and G-modulus and Poisson’s ratio results in a fraction of a second from initiating measurement.

The system includes production process monitoring for launch and quality assurance/quality control and handles various materials in sizes from less than 100mg to 100 tons.

Included with the system is a piezo-electric vibration detector, acoustic vibration detector, a set of excitation devices, a reference test bar with test certificate, PC mouse, and a customized HPRC black case. Available options include frequency analysis, FFT calculation to detect multiple vibrations modes, choice of zones of interest by waveband filtering, oscilloscope function for time domain analysis, and graphic visualization of frequency domain.