G-Series vertical machining center

The G-Series Standard Edition (SE) vertical machining center (VMC) is for face milling, helical milling, rough milling, and drilling of large or long parts in a single setup. Model 20-06 SE has a 20ft x 6ft bed to machine parts up to 20ft long. The long, open bed, coupled with the movable safety light curtain, allows multiple setups so as the 20-06 SE is machining one part, another can be loaded or off-loaded, increasing productivity.

The 20-06 SE has a monoblock welded steel frame and a T-slot machine bed. The CT40 spindle taper delivers 6,000rpm, with 74 lb-ft max. torque (18hp upgrade available). Max. travel rate along X, Y, and Z-axis is 1,200ipm, 1,000ipm, and 165ipm. Max. Z-axis travel is 19.5". Spindle nose-to-table range is 5.5" to 25.0".

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Solid carbide end mills

Garant Master high-performance solid carbide end mills are for machining titanium reliability and with long tool life. Cutting edges are honed, and a carbide substrate solves tool cutter heat build-up, decreasing premature tool wear. The substrate has a high load capacity and wear resistance; when the coating is entirely worn off the tools stay productive, achieving up to 50% longer working life.

A large core diameter and polished chip flutes add to process reliability, helping avoid tool displacement and built-up edges. The cutting-edge geometry and high-quality ground finish ensure fast, reliable titanium machining.

Garant Master Titan tools are available as a solid carbide roughing end mill with four to five cutting edges, as a solid carbide finishing cutter with seven cutting edges, and as torus, ball-nosed geometries.

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Photo-activated adhesive workholding

A solution to hold parts for tight-tolerance machining and inspection, photo-activated adhesive workholding delivers up to 605 lb of tensile holding power for complex-shaped, hard-to-hold parts and delicate materials, such as ceramic and laminated composites. Blue Photon’s grippers and BlueGrip workholding adhesive easily hold parts at risk for distortion from traditional clamping, or that pose complications in fixture design.

Blue Photon Technology & Workholding Systems LLC
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