SP ProTwist aids installing, moving, and realigning CNC machine tools. This easy-to-use system is suitable for any quality management process, offering precision measurements down to 1µm (0.2 arcsec). Consisting of two µLevel Spirit Levels, it uses Bluetooth technology to communicate to the Android-based Smartphone or Windows-based PC for fast, efficient measurement of straightness and parallelism. It can also provide simultaneous measurement of pitch and roll, as well as differential measurement.

SP ProTwist can be used as a stand-alone instrument, or in conjunction with advanced software that guides users through each step and documents the results. Each µLevel can be used independently or together when one unit serves as a continuous reference.

Centric International Inc.

Crossed-roller linear bearing

The stainless steel, NB Studroller is suitable for use in highly corrosive, hot environments or vacuums.

This crossed-roller linear bearing is for motion control applications with fast acceleration and deceleration (at dimensions from 30mm to 600mm lengths, 1mm to 12mm rollers, endurance is 150 million cycles). NV type Studroller with stainless steel uses anti-creep cage technology.

Placing studs in the center roller and machining a correspondingly dimpled path in the rail produces a retainer that never slips.

Load capacities are increased 1.4x to 2.3x compared to the standard SV type. Roller-to-rail contact area is extended 42% to 58% while the roller number is increased 20% to 55%.

NB Corp. of America

Electrical safety, test equipment catalog

The Electrical Safety and Test Equipment catalog details hipot and ground bond testers, power analyzers, high-voltage meters, and lighting testing products. The catalog highlights Vitrek’s latest product releases: the PA920 power analyzer with power measurement accuracy (0.024%, 20Hz to1kHz); and the line of DC loads.

Application success stories and technical specifications are also included.

The catalog also provides an overview of the calibration and certifications available from Vitrek’s in-house ISO 17025 accredited calibration lab.

Virtek Inc.

5-axis CNC grinding machine

The Multigrind CB XL 5-axis CNC grinding center machines pieces from 1,400mm to 3,200mm in length. Optional table extensions can be configured to meet individual requirements.

Grinding wheel shapes are produced and maintained with on-board dressing spindles and automatic wear compensation, ensuring consistent precision.

Direct-driven, water-cooled grinding spindles are suitable for grinding, milling, and drilling. Drive power up to 50kW (67hp) at speeds up to 12,000rpm deliver high material removal rates. The HSK 80 E interface ensures quick, precise, repeatable automatic wheel changes. The standard tool magazine has 15 wheels. A 300mm shelf tool magazine with space for 65 grinding wheels and up to 20 coolant nozzle sets is available. There are also optional automatic part loading solutions.

Haas Multigrind LLC