Made for loading/unloading CNC machine tools, the Robot Easy 800’s compact design, configurability, and up to 1,760 lb (800kg) transfer capacity allows workpieces up to 850mm diameter x 1,000mm to be loaded. The system is suitable for moving pallets from the Erowa MTS system, predominantly used for milling and grinding.

The workpiece magazine can be configured with up to 12 magazine positions when using Erowa MTS 400 400mm x 460mm workpiece carrier pallets. Magazine plates can rotate, making it easier to fit palletized fixtures and tombstones with workpieces directly in the robot magazine. Maximum magazine capacity is 7 tons.

Requiring only 20ft2 of floor space, the Robot Easy 800 can be positioned by the machine, installed, and made operational quickly, turning a CNC machine tool into an automated production cell.

The stable transfer axis has a 2,000mm reach from the robot’s outer edge, allowing space for manual work on the machine. The robot can serve machine table heights between 765mm and 1,200mm.

Erowa Technology Inc.

Aluminum locknuts

RHINO Aluminum Nuts engineered for aerospace applications offer reliable performance while exceeding strength requirements.

The design provides torque and torque consistency advantages when supplied as locknuts with locking inserts.

RHINO Aluminum Locknuts high-performance locking aluminum nuts don’t use nylon rings or patches which don’t pass 15-cycle torque tests as well.

The strength-to-weight ratio of RHINO Aluminum Nuts makes them suitable for applications where torque consistency and assembly weights directly impact performance.

Sky Climber Fasteners LLC

Composite-fiber routers

Four solid-carbide routers handle fiberglass and carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) composites. Applications include machining carbon fiber, Kevlar and other aramid blends, natural fiber-based composites, and thermoset resin/thermoplastic blends.

The routers’ composition, cutting angles, flute strength, and stability are optimized for longer life and lower cost per part. Four cutting ends make them suitable for roughing, finishing, edge trimming, slotting, grooving, drilling, or interpolation.Router designs resolve the challenges of machining composites and stacked materials.

A chemical vapor deposition (CVD) coating increases abrasion resistance from fibrous materials and extends tool life. Double-angle point geometry counteracts or eliminates machining problems typically encountered with CFRP.

Combined with guidance margins and open flutes, the routers drill holes without dust jams or pressure overload. Suited to manual hole-making, countersinks, and counterbores, hand drilling reduces delamination and fiber pullout.

YG-1 Tool Co.