Photos: Romi Machine Tools

The DCM 620-5X Hybrid 5-axis vertical machining center (VMC) combines subtractive machining with 3D metallic additive manufacturing (AM). Engaging all three linear axes with tilting (B-axis) and rotating (C-axis) allows simultaneous machining on five axes.

Built on a 20,300 lb monoblock base, it features linear roller guides for the X-, Y-, and Z-axis and direct rotary encoders for the B- and C-axis to reduce vibration. The machine’s thousandth-part angular positioning and high rigidity offer precise machining of highly complex parts.

Switching between subtractive machining and AM is as simple as making a tool change. Once the automatic tool changer (ATC) brings the additive head into position, laser deposition can begin, adding material to the workpiece in the exact profile, amount, and location required.

The machine allows users to precisely add high-cost materials, such as Inconel and stainless steel, achieving desired profiles while minimizing costs. It can be used for part repair, adding features, or intricate work where subtractive manufacturing takes more time and produces more waste material.

Romi Machine Tools Ltd. (Romi USA)