L to R: Matt Gifford, National Sales Manager - Mitsui Seiki; Bill Malanche, COO - Mitsui Seiki; Robb Hudson, president and CEO - Aerodyn Engineering; Cameron Perkins, Business Development Leader - Aerodyn Engineering
Photo: Aerodyne Engineering

Mitsui Seiki has produced the first commercial CNC machine tool that incorporates General Electric’s (GE) Blue Arc high speed electro erosion (HSEE) material removal process. Aerodyn Engineering installed the HW63tD BA machine in its Indianapolis, Indiana, facility as part of their partnership with Mitsui Seiki to develop applications for existing and prospective customers in aerospace, outer space, mold & die, and other industries.

HSEE uses a high-speed beam of electrons driven by an electrical pulse between a tool electrode and workpiece. The ensuing erosion rough machines the workpiece. Blue Arc generates a multiple point discharge for rapid material removal. The technology doesn’t use high-powered spindles or highly engineered cutting tools and reduces wear on the machine kinematics. It offers efficient roughing for hard, difficult-to-machine nickel and titanium alloys, stainless steels, and tool steels. The process can cut machine-tool capital costs by at least 30% and cutting tool costs by 70%.

Aerodyn’s machine features a 1,000mm x 850mm x 850mm (39.38" x 33.46" x 33.46") work envelope. B and C rotary axes are driven at 60rpm and 90rpm.

Mitsui Seiki USA COO Bill Malanche says, “There is a solid team in place at Aerodyn solely dedicated to the Blue Arc initiative. They have a deep understanding that will serve customers well to determine the optimal and most efficient applications for Blue Arc.”

Aerodyn Engineering President and CEO Robb Hudson, who was involved in developing the process and machine when he was with Mitsui Seiki, adds, “We welcome inquiries from companies who want to learn more about Blue Arc HSEE for their operations.”

Jim Stolo

Starrag adds to sales team

Jim Stolo has joined Starrag as regional sales manager Northeast. Stolo’s entire career has been in manufacturing and machine tools, starting with a four-year apprenticeship in tool and die, then as a journeyman machinist. He worked as a manufacturing engineer and project manager before joining a large machine tool manufacturer as an application engineer and later North American sales product manager, focusing on 5-axis milling, turning, and grinding.

Dr. Erik Novak
4D Technology

Novak to lead 4D Technology

Erik Novak, Ph.D., has been appointed general manager of optical metrology company 4D Technology Corp., a subsidiary of Onto Innovation Inc. Novak succeeds James Millerd, Ph.D., co-founder and past CTO and president of 4D Technology, who is retiring after 18 years with 4D. Novak served as 4D’s business development director for eight years.