SMW Autoblok

The TX Series 3-jaw pull-down chucks feature repeatability of up to 4µm (0.00015") and precise, self-centering accuracy for heavy-duty metal cutting applications.

Available in two versions – TX-C (tongue and groove) and TX-RV (quick jaw change) – both styles are suitable for first- and second-operation while providing exceptional parallelism.

A symmetrical master jaw design disperses cutting forces over a wide area, allowing the chucks to maintain accuracy and ensure workpiece quality. Centrifugal force compensation provides constant clamp force at higher speeds and feeds, reducing production time.

The TX-RV model features a quick-change top jaw for part families and all models have active pull-down for enhanced plane parallelism.

SMW Autoblok

Rings and springs catalog

“An Engineer’s Go-To Guide for Rings and Springs,” is now available in print or to download. It contains product charts with detailed specifications, engineering equations, and custom product support.

Topics covered include:

  • Expanded sizes
  • Custom design configurations, capabilities
  • Engineering design resources, equations
  • Material types, finishes
  • Part specifications for >10,000 rings, springs
  • Nested Spirawave series for high-force applications



Stationary clamping

The Kontec KSX-C2 5-axis vise is equipped with a tool-free jaw quick-change system and an active jaw pull-down for precise 6-sided machining. It enables efficient machining at high precision with short set-up times on 5-axis machines.

A torque wrench continuously adjusts clamping forces to achieve maximum torque of 40kN at 120N•m. The forces for clamping sensitive parts can be finely adjusted, and integrated elastomer damping absorbs oscillations during machining for excellent workpiece surface quality and tool life. Drive and adjustment mechanisms are fully encapsulated to prevent chips, dirt, and coolant.



XRF material analyzer

The Vanta iX in-line X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer automates material analysis and alloy identification on the manufacturing line, delivering instant results for real-time process monitoring and 100% inspection. Designed to operate 24/7, the analyzer streamlines quality inspections for metal fabrication.

With a silicon drift detector (SDD) and Axon Technology, the analyzer can test a range of alloy and metal grades – including light elements.

The analyzer is controlled with either the Vanta Connect API or a PLC and discrete wire. Connector options include Ethernet (RJ-45) for Power over Ethernet, USB, Discrete I/O (16 pins), and AUX DC power.

The analyzer is vibration tested (MIL-STD-810G), IP54 rated, and can operate from -10°C to 50°C (14°F to 122°F) with continuous testing. A built-in heat sink lowers internal temperature, while fan attachment points are available for extra cooling.

Olympus America

Dormer Pramet

Threaded shank drills

The expanded standard threaded shank drill portfolio includes additional sizes and lengths.

Available in high-speed steel and cobalt, the selection is manufactured to NAS 965 Type B and NAS 965 Type D standards. Options include wire gauge, fractional, and letter sizes with stub-, short-, and long-length options.

The array of threaded shanks meet airframe and aerospace assembly needs.

Dormer Pramet

Brunson Instrument

CMM arm verification

The 2mm ArmBar:250 allows dual-process verification of the arm’s probing tip or scanner functions. Its low thermal expansion (LTE) design provides additional stability and measurement predictability through a kinematic mount.

The ArmBar:250 provides critical verification for contact or non-contact devices. The reference artifact features two, 1" diameter, grade 50, satin-finish spheres and two 6mm probe tip seats. It easily mounts to a work cart, can be bolted to a table, or clamped to any horizontal surface.

The ArmBar:250 is serialized and its lengths are certified. A protective, hard-plastic storage case is also available.

Brunson Instrument Co.

Big Kaiser Precision Tooling

Chip cleaning

The updated Chip Blower has an extended steel shank, from 1.77" to 2.5", for added compatibility with hydraulic and milling chucks. They are designed to make removing chips and coolant from parts and machine tables fast, easy, and safe.

Automated in-machine cleaning is achieved by a high-volume air flow with spindle rotation. When not in use, the Chip Blower fits easily into any automatic tool change system for vertical, horizontal, or multi-tasking machining centers. The Chip Blower can be used with automatic tool changers and programmed into a machining cycle, improving machine use and increasing productivity. It’s available with three blade length options and has center-through coolant capability for high-pressure washing.

Big Kaiser Precision Tooling Inc.