The P series benchtop X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectroscopy instrument quantifies deposits of zinc-nickel, titanium-cadmium, electroless nickel, tin-lead, ruthenium alloys, and other materials used in aerospace manufacturing. Up to five coating layers, (base plus four layers) are measured simultaneously, quickly, and precisely.

The proximity of the X-ray tube and detector produces more than 3x the photon counts of conventional XRF test equipment in less time. An extended programmable X-Y axis makes it suitable for measuring small parts.

Standard system configurations include a four-position collimator assembly, variable focus camera for applications with recessed areas, extended-life micro-focus X-ray tube, and solid-state PIN detector. Minimal peak position drift assures long-term stability and extends intervals between recalibration. A silicon drift detector (SDD) is available.

Xralizer software quantifies plating thickness from the detected photons, combining intuitive visual controls with time-saving shortcuts, search capability, and one-click reporting. It also simplifies application development.


Pinch/peel grinding machine

ShapeSmart NP30 pinch/peel grinding machines prepare cutting tool blanks such as end mills, drills, and other stepped cylindrical tools between 0.025mm and 25.0mm diameter. Two separate spindles, each positioned on independently controlled CNC linear slides, hold two different grinding wheels. Finish and roughing stations have separate direct-drive synchronous spindle motors for increased stock removal, less induced heat, better surface finish, and longer wheel life. Rough and finish grinding is performed in one pass.

Both grinding spindles are synchronous 19hp (peak) direct-drive. The synchronous motor provides constant speed during operation with a highly efficient torque curve.

Rollomatic Inc.

3-flute, replaceable-tip drills

The TwistSFeed drill family features 3-flute quick-change tips with upgraded clamps for maximum productivity. Unlike conventional 3-flute solid carbide drills, these have a distinctive, self-centering point to ensure optimal performance, precision, and stability.

Multiple flutes, along with an IN2205 coating for steel and cast-iron applications, improve tool life and productivity. The clamping mechanism enables easy drill tip replacement and accommodates multiple tip diameters per drill body, facilitating economical stock management.

Tips are available from 0.6299" to 0.8288" (diameter) and 3xD and 5xD (body ratio).

Ingersoll Cutting Tools