Anti-slip collet nuts

The intRlox MX Mini Nut slip-proof clamping system features an anti-slip design using rounded locking grooves situated around the nut profiles opposed to end face surfaces. Wrenches grip from the sides of the nuts, and the action of tightening or loosening temporarily locks wrenches in place. Nut and wrench sets make intRlox easier for shops to exchange their existing Swiss machine tooling system.


Polymeric capillary sealer

Blue Dichtol polymeric capillary sealer for castings and composites allows 100% visual inspection to ensure that porosity has been sealed. The sealer impregnates micropores and hairline cracks without vacuum or pressure, forming a protective barrier to gasses and liquids that is not invisible when cured. Blue Dichtol penetrates up to 0.004" into the coating to prevent corrosion of the metal substrate. Applied by dip, brush, or spray, the solution dries in minutes and cures at ambient temperature, significantly increasing machinability and dampening vibration.

Stronghold Coating Systems

Dynamic measurement gage

The MarSolutions Commutator Gage, a customized RPM gage, can be used to measure cylindrical parts such as commutator shafts, turbocharger turbine shafts, and shafts in electric motors. The gage incorporates precision Vees and adjustable end-stops to support the shaft and define its axial position, and a motion belt to rotate the shaft at up to 20rpm.

Customizable software can display results as bar graphs, polar graphs, or X-Y graphs with measuring or mean values. The D1200X software interface optimizes gage use allowing creation of customized forms and programs, while also providing integrated functions for measuring system analysis, repeatability, and reproducibility. RPM measuring gages can be adapted for other part dimensions and/or shaft designs and can be used in a lab or on the shop floor.

Mahr Federal Inc.

Modular, replaceable tip end mill solutions

Featuring the Duo-Lock connection, replaceable tip end mill solutions can predictably take full-width slotting cuts in stainless steel and aerospace alloys at 1xD and 50% cut widths at 1.5xD. The fast metal removal rate is due to a double-taper, face-contact mount and intelligent thread design. This provides runout accuracy better than 5µm (0.0002"), axial repeatability of 10µm (0.0004") or better, and up to 25% higher torque and chip load capabilities compared to compeitor end mills.

The Duo-Lock connection was originally designed for heavy roughing and semi-finishing applications in difficult materials, but the platform has evolved since then. When coupled with the wide array of carbide, coatings, and geometries from sister company Hanita, Widia provides manufacturers with a modular alternative to solid carbide end mills in 80% of their machining operations.

Examples include the Widia-Hanita brand VariMill III, a 7-flute center-cutting end mill with a 38° helix for high-feed machining of titanium and nickel-based superalloys, and the VariMill I, with a conical core and asymmetrical 4-flute design that eliminates chatter in extreme roughing and deep slotting applications. Both are available in Widia’s Victory WS15PE and WP15PE AlTiN-coated grades.

Widia Products Group

CWT carbide tipped band saws

CWT carbide tipped band saw blades are for production cutting operations. The blades can be used for aluminum block, aluminum gates and risers, aluminum automation (Mossner), Inconel, and nickel-based alloys.

Similar to the California Wing Tip tooth formation used in circular saw blades, CWT blades have a three-tooth set pattern with positive rake geometry for faster cutting action and penetration. Blades are fitted with plastic caps to protect teeth against damage in transit and handling.

Simonds Saw

Low-profile vises

TriMax production vises maximize a machine’s potential with multi-part clamping, quick-change components, and easy adjustment. The series of vises includes TriMax G, C, T, and M.

TriMax G – High precision 5-axis milling; up to 200mm workpieces; up to 8,900 lb of clamping force

TriMax C series – Modular system can hold up to four workpieces with movable jaws that can be positioned along the vise body; jaws and supports available in 38mm, 60mm, or 90mm widths; 250mm, 400mm, 500mm, and 630mm base lengths available

TriMax T – Clamps up to four workpieces at a time; multiple movable jaw sets can be positioned along the vise base; 60mm and 90mm widths; 400mm, 500mm, and 630mm base lengths

TriMax M – Maximizes workholding combinations with minimal equipment investment; 415mm to 878mm base lengths; system allows for quick repositioning and changing of clamping jaws, parallels, soft jaws, and V-jaws


5-axis machining

VC-500A/5X vertical machining center (VMC) has a trunnion-style rotary/tilt table for accurate, cost-effective processing of small complex parts. The machine’s table tilts ±110° in the B-axis and rotates 360° in the C-axis and can accommodate workpiece up to 440 lb.

The VC-500A/5X comes standard with a robust, high-performance CAT-40, 12,000rpm spindle that delivers metal removal capabilities in materials including steel, aluminum, and cast iron. A 30-tool capacity tool magazine helps reduce setup time, allows for redundant tooling, and provides more unmanned uninterrupted operations.

The machine features the Mazatrol SmoothX CNC for easier programming in EIA or Mazatrol and faster part cycle times.

Mazak Corp.

Back-working spindle

The 25mm back-working spindle for Star Swiss-type machines can operate at 60,000rpm with grease-packed lubrication and 80,000rpm with oil-mist lubrication. This system’s high speed cutting (HSC) motor spindle is helpful when micro- and fine-milling, drilling, and engraving tools.

Rigid precision bearings near the spindle’s nose enhance true running, assuring better surface quality and greater machining accuracy.

IBAG North America

Pneumatically driven hand tools

LRC 20 hand tools – slender and quiet, operating at 20,000rpm – can grind, mill, and polish difficult-to-reach places. A centrifugal governor regulates the drives’ speed to use 20% less compressed air on average compared to conventional air-tool technologies. Exhaust air is directed backwards, protecting the work surface from lubricating oil, further reducing noise levels.

Suhner Industrial Products LLC

Carbide tooling, high-speed spindles, tool clamps

The Louis Belet carbide series tooling package is designed for aluminum, brass, titanium, stainless steels, and composite material groups. The series offers optimized geometries and coatings for drills, end mills, slotting saws, thread mills, engraving, and spotting tools for greater productivity, higher material removal rates, superior surface quality, and extended tool life.

The PCM 4X, high-speed spindle has a low-profile configuration, planetary style gear system for Citizen Swiss A, L, M, and the new L32 series machines for greater performance of micro drills, end mills, and high-speed thread-milling tooling.

The Multidec-LUBE tool clamp system permits repeatable jet flow even after multiple tool changes, setups, or teardown. The system replaces the original equipment gang slide tool clamps provided with a Swiss machine to eliminate chip collection and coolant tubes/nozzle repositioning.

Genevieve Swiss Industries Inc.

Machining simulator

Fanuc Machining Simulator features Autodesk Fusion 360 CAD/CAM/CAE software and a ModuleWorks machining simulation program. Post-processors convert designs into G-code, suitable for the included CNC. The CNC uses the G-code to command the machine tool, and the simulation system includes a G-code editor for making modifications before the program is sent to the CNC. Users can backup data and import programs directly to the CNC using Fanuc FASBacCNC.

A portable CNC simulator allows users to experience a hardware-based Fanuc control and operate it as a 3-axis mill or 2-axis lathe. An integrated PC is embedded in the simulator to run Fusion 360 and ModuleWorks simulation software. Users can virtually manufacture parts in milling or turning environments with realistic kinematics and structure. Real-time collision detection uses visual and audio signals to notify users of collisions. The milling simulation includes a 21-tool changer and the turning simulation includes a 12-tool turret.

Fanuc America Corp.

Filtration system

Hydroflow SuperFiltration removes particles as small as 3µm nominal from cutting fluid while maintaining a stable fluid temperature. The system is commonly used with grinders, sharpening, lapping, honing machines, and automatic lathe units to filter oil recovered from chip centrifugation.

SuperFiltration works with PC, tablet, and smartphones to remotely monitor, manage, and adjust the system.


Precision ID grinder

The UL2 for high-speed, high-precision grinding has a flow-thru system that circulates oil and coolant through the base, normalizing temperatures throughout the machine for thermal stability.

Independent slides in X- and Z-axis are mounted directly to the machine bed for a low center of gravity. The machine’s round-bar hydrostatic slideways in each axis provide a stiff system with low friction. High-resolution servo motors are directly coupled to precision ball screws for positioning throughout the production cycle. The bed casting’s torque tube resists bending and has a three-point leveling support for stability.

Fives Group

Harnessed robotic dress packs

Standard, assembled dress packs consist of triflex multi-axis cable carriers, guaranteed chainflex continuous-flex cables, hoses, and other components that can be adapted to suit customer’s needs.

Pre-harnessed dress packs are available with optional connectors harnessed to more than 20 manufacturer standards with original plug connectors, dress pack retraction systems, and on-site installation and inspection services.

igus Inc.

Solid drilling tool

MaxiDrill 900 tools with patented SONT geometry and inclined insert seat position offer optimal drilling action. Featuring four cutting edges per insert, the peripheral and central cutting edges have the same geometry, size, and grade for simpler handling and less inventory. The chipbreaker design and insert mounting position are balanced for smooth drilling, even with high cutting parameters. Chip evacuation through an asymmetric chip-pocket design allows for higher feed rates. To aid stability, radial force compensation prevents the drill axis from running off-center. Lengths from 3xD to 5xD and a diameter range from 0.625" to 2.25" are available standard.

The Silverstar CTPP430 physical vapor deposition (PVD) grade is suitable for steel, stainless steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals, and hard-to-machine materials. A TiCN/Al2O3 coating on the chemical vapor deposition (CVD) high-performance grade CTCP420 features high wear and high temperature resistance for machining steel and cast iron at high cutting speeds.

Ceratizit USA Inc.