Gear inspection

The non-contact HN-C3030 3D measuring system offers precise, high-speed measurement of complex components including gears, impellers, and turbine blades. By scanning and comparing the complete shape to the original CAD file, customers obtain better insights in product conformity resulting in faster problem-solving and earlier go-to-market.

The precise positioning by the synchronised 5-axis hardware control delivers accurate measuring results, allowing the system to deliver high-precision, 3-axis drive system, as well as an unlimited angular rotary stage and a laser scanner swing arm with an arc angle of -20° to 135°. This enables laser scanning of wide areas covering top, side, and bottom surfaces of parts. In addition, the direction of the laser scanner can be changed (-180° to 180° rotatable), allowing scans of various shapes from optimum angles.

The machine’s laser scanner acquires surface point clouds at a rate of 120,000pps. The result is a full 3D scan of the part, while tactile scanning only provides individual points or scan lines. This detailed 3D digital copy provides full shape or section information and deep insight into the surface waviness and tooth wear, hardly detectable by tactile measurement.

Nikon Metrology Inc.

IMTS 2016 Booth #E-5060

High performance cutting

The Handtmann PBZ HD profile machining center provides 5-axis simultaneous machining for interference-free contouring and precise machining with a profile length up to 30,000mm. Milling, sawing, drilling, thread milling, and cutting are possible with a single clamping. The rigid machine design, with a fixed portal and a powerful head spindle combination based on 5-axis simultaneous machining, offers high material removal rates and high precision. Chip management easily removes the high volume of chips, ensuring a clean working environment.

Handtmann CNC Technologies Inc.

IMTS 2016 Booth #S-9136

Multi-edge milling

Offering high productivity and a low cost per edge, the CoroMill 745 has a double-sided, multi-edge for large batch productions. With a tilted insert positioning system and sharp cutting edges, the milling cutter offers a light cutting action at low power consumption. The tool offers 14 cutting edges per insert for face milling. The assortment includes three pitch versions for different applications MD, M, and H.

Designed to make insert indexing quick and easy, the insert positioning system in the tip seat and heptagonal insert design keep the inserts securely in the pocket when mounting. The inserts are tilted in the tip seat to create a positive cutting action. Inserts geometries and grades are available for steel and cast iron. For roughing to semi-finishing applications, the strong and light cutting inserts provide reliable face milling in all types of milling machines.

Sandvik Coromant

IMTS 2016 Booth #W-1500