High performance Norton IDeal-Prime Internal Diameter Grinding Wheels for precision applications feature Quantum Prime nano-crystalline ceramic grain, embedded in an optimized matrix of Norton Vitrium3 bond. The micro-fracture properties of the new ceramic grain and the retention capability of the bond ensure long wheel life, excellent grinding efficiency, and consistent part quality with superior finish, resulting in at least 30% cost savings.

Reduced cycle times and lower cost per part are achieved from the self-sharpening grain technology, which increases material removal rate (MRR) and decreases the need for dressing. Its grain offers sharpness and cutting efficiency that reduces spindle power requirements, minimizing mechanical stress and improving part geometry.

The grain micro-structure enables cooler cuts and maintains more stable wheel profiles and shapes for longer wheel life. Part surface finish is improved and consistent due to the Norton Vitrium3 bond technology.

The grinding wheels are available in grits ranging from 46 to 150, in grades from G to Q, and in structures from 6 to 10.

Norton Abrasives

Fastener hole drilling, countersinking

The HiPACS drilling and countersinking system is a high-precision tool that meets the aerospace industry’s stringent accuracy requirements, while delivering increased tool life in machining composite, titanium, and aluminum aircraft skins.

It can be used on all machines typically used for aerospace applications. In less stable conditions such as robot end effectors, the diamond-coated carbide drills offer excellent tool life and hole quality. Polycrystalline diamond (PCD)-tipped drills excel in stable conditions such as gantry machines.

Kennametal Inc.

Inserts for exchangeable-tip drills

The P6006 insert for exchangeable-tip drills brings new levels of drilling efficiency to low carbon steels, structural steels, and low alloy steels. Developed specifically for these unalloyed low-carbon and low-alloy steels, it features optimized geometry, with a sharp cutting edge and deep chip gash that leads to maximum process reliability and efficient chip breakage in low alloy or unalloyed steels. It also offers high centering accuracy, ideal for deep-hole drills.

The P6006 insert can perform up to 10xDc without a pilot drill. It features a protective chamfer on the insert with HIPIMS-PVD coating, and the wear-resistant WPP25 grade maximizes tool life in stable conditions. The insert has a 100° prism for the contact point in the body, and a 140° point angle with new geometry and thinner web. Its current diameter range is 0.472" to 1.161" (12.00mm to 29.50mm).

Walter USA LLC

Hydraulic chucks for Swiss lathes

Inch-sized Standard Type chucks, as well as new F Type and R Type chucks are now available and can be used with Swiss lathes.

Standard Type Hydraulic Chucks: With tool-side clamping, have a clamping range of 1/8", 3/16", and 1/4".

F Type’s single wrench: Enables easy cutting tool changes on the tool post. Clamping from the opposite side of the cutting tool, optimum-length design improves ease of use. Available in 3.0mm to10mm clamping range and coolant delivery is possible with an Rc(PT)1/8" screw.

R Type: Eliminates interference at upper, lower tool post positions with block design, tightening at an offset position in the tool side. Available in 3.0mm to 10.0mm clamping range; oil hole drills used for coolant delivery when mounted on upper section.

To minimize machine downtime and provide operator safety, the hydraulic chucks use a hex wrench that requires only 2 to 3 turns for clamping and unclamping. Once a hydraulic chuck is centered, runout will not vary, even if a cutting tool is changed repeatedly. Runout of fewer than 3µm at 4x diameter can be achieved. The chucks have a standard pipe thread for coolant-through connection and are available for most Citizen and Star machines with 3/4" or 22mm straight shank.

Big Kaiser Precision Tooling Inc.