PVD-coated round, diamond pins

Life-Ex PVD coating on round and diamond pins is so hard it cannot be measured on the Rockwell C scale. The thin film of vaporized solid metal supports production for manufacturers working with very abrasive or hard materials such as exotic alloys and carbon fiber.

Life-Ex provides a uniform deposit and is available on three sizes of inch or metric pins. Locating pins have a chamfered tip for part loading and a shoulder to resist downward forces. One round pin and one diamond pin are often used together to locate two machined holes in a workpiece or to align two pieces of a fixture.

Carr Lane Mfg. Co.


South-tec booth #1240

Solid carbide end mills

Jabro-HFM JHF181 end mills with HXT coating offer 30% more tool life than comparable solid-carbide end mills when processing ISO H materials, delivering advanced thermal protection and high wear resistance. Available in 2-, 4-, or 5-flute options with cutting diameters from 0.0787" (2mm) to 0.6299" (16mm) and lengths ranging from 2xD to 7xD, through-tool coolant capability is available for diameters from 0.2362" (6mm) to 0.4724" (12mm.)

Jabro-Solid2 JS564 and JS565 end mills feature stable tapered cores and polished NXT coatings, for 20% longer tool life than earlier versions. The end mills offer high radial engagement while maintaining high feeds and speeds for optimized roughing passes. Positive frontal teeth geometries enable axial and helical interpolation operations. Optimized chip splitter options create small chips when using long cutting lengths, for consistent chip evacuation.

JS564 and JS565 are available in 4- and 5-flute designs in a range of cutting diameters and lengths. JS565 is also available without chip splitters. Cylindrical shank diameters are available from 0.1181" (3mm) to 0.7874" (20mm), and Weldon shank diameters are available from 0.2362" (6mm) to 0.7874" (20mm.)

Seco Tools LLC


Updated CNC

The 8060 CNC processor combines a slim LCD color monitor with an ergonomic IP65-rated keyboard. Standard Ethernet communication allows the 8060 to be set up as another node within the computer network. The 8060 can execute a program residing on another PC through the Ethernet port. A standard USB port enables program uploading/downloading.

Interactive icon-based pages (IIP) simplifies conversational programming by allowing the operator to choose the operation based on an associated icon key. The operator enters data from the blueprint, so prior CNC programming isn’t required.

Adaptive real-time feed & speed control (ARFS) – where the CNC analyzes the machining conditions such as spindle load, servo power, and tool tip temperature – adapts the axis feed rate and spindle speed for maximum productivity.

Fagor Automation Corp.


Drilling, gundrilling machine options

The DeHoff BTA/STS 2084 is designed for drilling on-center holes, such as when manufacturing driveshafts for helicopter tail rotors, where the shaft begins as a solid piece of high-strength alloy steel, and a center hole is drilled in a single pass. The result is a significant weight reduction for the finished drive shaft.

With a 2" (50.8mm) diameter drilling capacity and an 84" (2,134.0mm) drilling depth. The BTA/STS 2084 has a single spindle with a 20hp motor and a 4-speed gearbox that delivers twice the torque of a standard DeHoff model. The machine can also be offered with slide travels of 36" (914mm), 60" (1,524mm), or 120" (3,048mm).

The Eldorado KM75-48 3-axis gundrilling machine comes with updated Beckhoff controls with G-Code programming for enhanced flexibility. Complex gundrilling operations can be performed with a single fixturing setup.

The KM75-48 features a knee fixture table to provide 3-axis CNC gundrilling capability. Drill capacity is 0.078" to 0.750" (1.98mm to 19.10mm). Drill slide travel in the Z-axis is 48" (1,219mm), with table travel of 24" (610mm) in the X-axis and 12" (305mm) in the Y-axis.

Kays Engineering Inc.


Piezo probing line

Mida Diamond touch probes feature piezo-electric technology for high accuracy, 5-axis machining centers and milling machines. Probes, available in optical or radio transmission styles, provide measurement performance on 3D surfaces with repeatability within 0.25µm.

The probes achieve part positioning, workpiece orientation, and origin identification as well as part measurement through automatic detection of machine axis position. Using on a special filter, probes can distinguish false-triggering events from actual touch events.

Operating with a radio or optical receiver, the probes offer a wide operating field for large machines where line-of-sight between probe and receiver is not possible, so complex surfaces and deep cavity parts can be inspected. Measurements may be performed at depths as great as 1m due to the modular structure and probe extensions.

Marposs Corp


South-tec booth #1535

Swiss-style program

A Swiss-style program of cutting tools, holders, inserts, and through-coolant systems for Swiss CNC auto lathes has expanded to cover grooving, turning, milling, and drilling operations.

Holders and inserts feature a modular grooving system with a basic tool holder that turns into different tool variants by changing the support blade and clamp.

Typically, Swiss-style lathes have smaller machining requirements and use bar sizes of no larger than 1-1/4" diameter. For Arno’s SA Swiss-style program, insert widths start at 0.059" (1.5mm). Shank sizes range from 3/8" (8mm) to 3/4" (20mm). Through coolant tooling is included with starting from 0.079" (2mm).

ARNO Werkzeuge USA


Atomizing spray nozzle

The 1/4 NPT No Drip internal mix 360° hollow circular pattern spray nozzle atomizes fluid and sprays from the nozzle in all directions, to providing a smooth, even coating. Effective for operations where mist across a broad area is needed, such as dust suppression, humidification, and cooling, the nozzles combine liquid and compressed air inside of the air cap creating a fine mist and can be adjusted to meet application needs. The nozzles provide liquid flows from 1.6 gallons per hour (gph) to 14.7gph with liquids up to 300 centipoise.

The valve assembly stops liquid flow when air pressure is shut off, stopping post spray drip.

Stainless steel constructed atomizing nozzles are available with 1/8 NPT, 1/4 NPT, and 1/2 NPT connections and in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Exair Corp.


Edgecam 2017 R2 release

Edgecam 2017 R2 software introduces a turning cycle including B-axis movements while machining on a turning center, allowing greater accessibility when machining complex profiles by dynamically positioning the insert. Nearly 20 new or enhanced items in the current release cover turning, milling, simulation, and wire EDM.

  • Fixture database – Measure fixtures, other workholding devices
  • Feature finding – Information transmitted by CadLink has been enhanced where Limits and Fit data passes to the Edgecam feature – covering CREO, SolidWorks, Inventor file – to capture and use the data when creating machining routines
  • Live job reports – Reliable desktop application when altering user profiles
  • Cycling dialogs – Updated cycle dialogs with pictures and context-sensitive help
  • Inspection module – With a set of commands, users create a set of inspection features that are then converted into a toolpath and simulated
  • Machine simulator – Users can opt for “all components”, useful when working with numerous parts on a multi-loaded fixture; users can hold down the shift key to rewind toolpaths
  • Roughing cycle – When roughing to full depth, users don’t need to state a cut increment value
  • Hole drill cycle – Process no longer requires Z-level value, system automatically detects start position for toolpath
  • Wire EDM – Supports multiple versions of EDM Expert while a technology setting, allows cycles to automatically switch to appropriate EDM Expert technology page
  • ACVision and Excetek – Post-processors with more options, greater user control
  • Tagging functions – Non-parallel movement when exiting a machining path

Vero Software


South-tec booth #1121

Sound calibrator

The 42AG Multifunction Sound Calibrator offers fast verification of microphones and sound-level meters.

Capable of calibration at 250Hz or 1kHz and at 94dB or 114dB, it is suited for calibration of sound level meters which normally are calibrated at 1kHz, and microphones which normally are calibrated at 250Hz. The 42AG can also calibrate at two sound-pressure levels. A normal level is 114dB, a sound pressure level suitable for microphones with medium sensitivity. The 94dB level makes it possible to calibrate high-sensitivity microphones without overload.

Designed to serve 1" and smaller microphones and sound level meters equipped with these microphones, the 1" microphones fit directly in the calibrator coupler, while 1/2", 1/4", and 1/8" microphones require adapters supplied with the calibrator.

G.R.A.S Sound & Vibration