Stronghold Coating Systems’ RepaCoat FX is a permanently elastic, two-component polyurethane elastomer for sealing and repair of flexible products such as natural and synthetic rubber, metal, wood, and concrete. This fast curing, highly wear-abrasion-resistant product can be applied on-site and is temperature resistant to 120°C (248°F) continuous and 160°C (320°F) at its peak. Resistant to aggressive environments, it provides full elastic recovery, even after multiple elongations and compression loading. On-site application makes it suitable for gaskets, conveyor belts, rollers, and expansion joints.

Lightweight, battery-powered dispensing tool

PPG’s Semco Model 1250 battery-powered aerospace sealant dispensing tool is easier to use than traditional manual and pneumatic applicators, dispensing at faster rates. Ergonomically designed with cordless and hoseless operation – when compared to the Semco 250A dispensing tool typically tethered to a 10ft hose – the Semco 1250 weighs less than 3 lb.

Designed for application of sealants, adhesives, potting compounds, and other materials packaged in Semco disposable cartridges or Semco packages used for multicomponent materials, the Semco model 1250 does not have to be connected to a power source. Operating on a 10.8V rechargeable lithium ion battery, it can dispense up to 60 cartridges per charge. With an ergonomic design, it is easy to balance at the center, and a recoil effect reduces sealant drool after dispensing.

Electric screwdriver for precision, low torque fastening

The Nano Driver from Desoutter Industrial Tools offers safety critical repeatability from its internal transducer, which measures and controls the torque and allows production data to be recorded. The screwdriver is compatible with most industry standard communications protocols such as Fieldbus, Profinet, and Modbus.

Capable of delivering torque between 6cNm (0.53 lb-in) and 80cNm (7.08 lb-in) depending on the choice of model, the Nano Driver is equipped with a seating-detection function, ensuring each fastener is applied, without causing damage to the host material – a useful feature when working with delicate or brittle materials.

Ergonomically designed with a non-slip housing and simple push-lever start, it is equipped with an M20 output thread and is suited to manual operation or integration into an automated process via a robot arm.

Upskill unveils GE Aviation smart glasses pilot

A pilot case at GE Aviation uses Upskill’s Skylight platform on Glass Enterprise Edition. The use case – combined with growth in augmented reality (AR) and assisted reality implementations across GE, Boeing, and other customers – highlights the return on investment (ROI) companies can gain after deploying Skylight on Glass.

GE Ventures first invested in Upskill in 2015 and uses Skylight in seven active projects at 12 locations globally, and in a range of uses across GE businesses. In the case of GE Aviation, age-old tools are becoming connected, and interacting digitally with people who build and repair aircraft engines.

Mechanics tested Skylight on Glass combined with a WiFi-enabled torque wrench to tighten bolts while performing routine assembly and maintenance tasks – reducing errors at key points in the assembly and overhaul of engines while producing savings for GE and its customers. GE Aviation also saw an average increase of 8% to 12% in mechanic efficiency while using the smart glasses, further increasing the operational and financial value proposition.;

Extended Service Program completed on Dash 8-300

Jazz Technical Services (JTS), a division of Chorus Aviation Inc.’s subsidiary Jazz Aviation, has successfully completed the Extended Service Program (ESP) on the first of 19 Dash 8-300 aircraft. Chorus is the launch customer for Bombardier’s Dash 8-300 ESP; the first of this aircraft type.

The ESP extends the service life of Jazz’s Dash 8-300 aircraft by 50%, or approximately 15 years, through the replacement of certain structural and systems components. Jazz Technical Services will complete the ESP work on a minimum of 19 Dash 8-300 aircraft during the next five years at its facility in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.;