Providing smooth cutting operations at high feed rates that reduce machining time, the Mini Spiral Mill-Thread line now includes inch sizes as well as metric.

The spiral fluted toolholders, with internal coolant bore, hold one to three inserts and are available in comparably small cutting diameters. The spiral design reduces vibrations and chatter, resulting in a high-quality surface finish.

Carmex Precision Tools LLC
Westec 2019 Booth #2236

Gear deburring

The TM 200-R3 CNC gear deburring machine’s CNC deburring and brushing stations can save all parameters within each part program. All four stations use CNC for vertical, tangential, radial, and inclination positions.

The automated machine reduces human error and increases gear deburring productivity by eliminating repeated setups. It can process diverse part types and sizes – part diameters up to 200mm (7.9") base, up to 300mm (11.8") and larger diameters optional.

A Tex Computer control panel integrates directly into the machine enclosure, providing dialog programming. Users can store programs on a memory stick or USB drive to reduce setup time. The machine is also equipped with an RJ45 port for remote assistance.

Helios Gear Products LLC

Machining software

NCL multi-axis machining software, used extensively in aerospace, automotive, and turbo-machinery manufacturing, offers automated and user-controlled toolpath generation techniques that reduce programming time and increase quality. The software’s power, flexibility, and tool control allow users to quickly produce any part, reduce machine time, improve quality, and increase profits. Increased memory allocation of the Windows 64Bit processing environment provides better performance and stability, though the software can run on 32Bit systems. In addition to the recently added VoluMill Roughing module, a Standard for the Exchange of Product model data (STEP) converter has also been added into the standard NCL release.

Numerical Control Computer Sciences (NCCS)
Westec 2019 Booth #1827

Gundrilling for military helicopters

The DeHoff 1536T gundrilling machine produces hollow centers in several military helicopter drivetrain components, reducing mass while maintaining high rotational rigidity.

The 1536T’s two gundrilling spindles, each on an independent slide, can be independently controlled, allowing production of different parts simultaneously. Operator control panels on both sides of the machine enable independent operation.

The machine has a 1.5" (38mm) diameter gundrilling capacity and a 36" (914mm) slide travel. Steel boxways and hand-scraped mating components offer vibration damping, extended tool life, and improved surface finish.

Kays Engineering Inc.
Westec 2019 Booth #824

Thread milling tapered pipe threads

An indexable thread milling solution for tapered pipe threads has been added to the ThreadMilling series.

Several types of threading inserts can be fitted on a single cutter body, making the operations extremely economical. With the new multipoint threading inserts and cutter bodies, thread milling for NPT and NPTF threads as well as BSPT threads are now possible on machining centers, using its spiral interpolation feature.

Thread milling techniques offer reduced cutting loads for higher reliability. Solid carbide taps pose higher risk of tool breakage, while HSS taps offer shorter tool life. In addition, insert screws won’t detach from the cutter body when completely loosened during insert setup, eliminating risks of dropping or losing the tiny screws in the machine.

Tungaloy America Inc.