With a 20,000 lb capacity, CartMover XR features an enhanced ergonomic design that increases worker safety, a 4" lift range that allows carts to move over more surfaces and transitions, and a long-life lithium iron phosphate modular battery with on-board analytics.

Portable and maneuverable, CartMover XR can be used for long-haul and short moves. It fits most standard carts and can be equipped with engineered or custom hitches to connect to carts, bins, vehicles, or other wheeled loads and is customizable to specific material handling challenges.


Milling cutter

The Noventa milling cutter performs 90° front and back chamfering and deburring in holes up to 4xD. Chamfering the entry and exit of 0.8mm to 6.0mm holes can be tedious and time-consuming. Noventa’s geometry transforms this process, improving cycle time, tool life, and surface quality.

Equipped with 4 flutes and 4 coolant channels, the milling cutter optimizes performance in most common and exotic materials using modern double-layer coating techniques. The milling tool’s reinforced shank diameter and edge-breaking capabilities offer excellent surface finish – critical to creating a part that looks and feels like a finished product and is safe to handle.

Big Kaiser

Linear motion guide with raceway grooves

Type SPR/SPS caged ball LM guides feature additional raceway grooves, ultra-long blocks, and an increased number of small- diameter balls, improving load-bearing stroke precision and providing stable motion.

Doubling the number of raceway grooves to eight reduces load on the balls by 50% and enables ultra-low waving on a nanoscopic scale. Ultra-long blocks also allow for more balls and further reduce each ball’s individual load. This stabilizes support and decreases compression when under a load.

Caged technology provides smooth and quiet motion, increased speed and accuracy, decreased noise levels, low dust generation, and long life.

THK America Inc.

Grinding, blending wheels

Aluminator grinding wheels, max flex, and cotton fiber grinding and blending wheels are now available in 6" sizes and included on the line of depressed center Type 27 wheels. They provide performance and productivity advantages in various fabrication applications.

Rex-Cut Abrasives

2-jaw module system

The 2-jaw module allows for changeover from clamping round parts to cubic parts in less than two minutes. It can also handle turning applications up to 1,500rpm. With a compact profile, it is the perfect alternative to large and heavy centric vises. The Centrix quick-change interface enables changeover without removal and subsequent realignment of the collet chuck.

Hainbuch America Corp.