Topic Track: Plant Operations
Session Topic: Transform Traditional Manufacturing to Manufacturing-as-a-Service

Whether you are a job shop or OEM, this talk will discuss the technology required to build an agile customer-centric manufacturing operation, enabled by a digital ecosystem of continuous feedback, that will automate from design to delivery and make MaaS a reality for manufacturing today.

This presentation will discuss:

  • What is Manufacturing-as-a-Service (MaaS) aka On-Demand Distributed Manufacturing
  • How MaaS enables this transformation into an agile customer-centric manufacturing operation
  • The foundational role that analytics plays
  • Share real life examples of customers who are starting the journey

Vimana offers the state-of-the art discrete manufacturing predictive analytics platform for operational intelligence that transforms and optimizes manufacturing processes. It captures and enriches data from shop floor devices, operators, and IT/OT systems enabling machine learning, actionable real-time analytics, visualization, and historical trend reporting.

Vimana provides solutions that help manufacturers better manage performance, run smarter operations, automate and streamline processes, and enable closed loop communication and collaboration.

Better manage performance with transparency to plant and enterprise operations using Vimana’s portfolio of KPIs (ie. TrueOEE, Staff Utilization, Quality) so managers can make more proactive and informed decisions.

Run smarter operations with Vimana’s machine monitoring, providing data driven insight into machine performance so manufacturers can optimize assets and make proactive adjustments to achieve daily production schedules. Use Vimana’s analytics to drill down into the underlying data for root casuals that help identify bottlenecks, solve problems faster, and lean processes to drive manufacturing efficiency.

Enable closed loop shop floor communications and collaboration with Vimana software that facilitates the immediate creation, tracking, and resolution of shop floor-related requests. This allows operators, managers, and engineers to notify team members about requirements and areas of improvement.

Vimana is driving the pace of innovation leading in the development and adoption of open standards and providing an adaptable platform for manufacturing analytics. The Vimana Platform is the enabling technology and data foundation for the Smart Manufacturing connected ecosystem, enhancing the value of the existing footprint of factory devices, IT, and OT systems, laying the groundwork for on-demand distributed manufacturing.

IMTS 2018 Booth #133020