Topic Track: Quality
Session Topic: Maximizing Manufacturing Productivity in the Information Age

Smart Manufacturing requires a balance of automation (to reduce manpower) and process control (to ensure quality). Initiatives such as Industry 4.0 promise better control of operations by having more information available at your fingertips. To be valuable, this data must be accurate and actionable. With a focus on production of metal components, join Renishaw as we discuss techniques and tools that increase the productivity of any manufacturing operation.

Key topics

  • Understanding the principles of a productive process
  • Practical steps that will boost productivity
  • What is Industry 4.0 and how can you use it?
  • Metal additive manufacturing and how it fits into traditional manufacturing operations

Renishaw is a global leader in developing technology that supports manufacturing process control. The company’s innovative products significantly advance its customers’ operational performance – from improving manufacturing efficiencies and raising product quality, to maximizing research capabilities and improving the efficacy of medical procedures.

A world leader in metrology systems, Renishaw also offers an advanced range of calibration, measurement, positioning, and inspection solutions. Specified by leading OEMs around the world, Renishaw encoders, calibration, and measurement systems enable superior process control, even down to nanometer and picometer levels.

Renishaw products are used for applications as diverse as machine tool automation, coordinate measurement, additive manufacturing, gaging, Raman spectroscopy, machine calibration, position feedback, CAD/CAM, dentistry, shape memory alloys, large-scale surveying, stereotactic neurosurgery, and medical diagnostics.

Renishaw aims to be a long-term partner in these areas, offering superior products that meet customers’ needs today and into the future, backed up by responsive, expert technical and commercial support.

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