The FZH400 horizontal machining center (HMC) is designed for milling large aluminum and carbon fiber structural parts.

The 5-axis FZH400 HMC has a water-cooled base and traveling column that provides rigidity and thermal stability. The patented traveling column with integrated Z-axis provides increased stability and rigidity as the depth of cut increases, providing superior accuracies and repeatability throughout the work envelope.

The FZH400 HMC can be equipped with the VH30 2-axis or M3ABC 3-axis milling head. Both heads are cast-iron mono-block designs for temperature stability and vibration damping to optimize surface quality and machining performance.

The zero-backlash gear drives in the VH30 2-axis milling head permit high-precision positioning, high-feed force, and repeatability in the A- and C-axis.

The M3ABC 3-axis milling head offers an additional B-axis for continuous tool path interpolation (±15°) which greatly reduces C-axis rotation more than 30% when machining 5-axis tool pockets in structural parts.

The M3 ABC head is also perfect for continuous interpolation during polishing or finishing operation of unusual shapes of parts (skins, etc.).

An integral dual pallet handling system is standard to the machine, minimizing setup and downtime from part to part. The easily expandable pallet handling system reliably transports long pallets without sagging and locks them in hydraulically all around the pallet, avoiding inaccuracies through pallet base and/or fixture movements. Pallets are raised and lowered with the load balanced, almost eliminating bending and torsion forces.

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