Automatic sawing machine

The CM602 can handle 4" tube and bar diameters depending on the material, and can achieve blade speeds up to 5,000rpm. The machine is useful in cutting short- and medium-length steel, copper, brass, and aluminum tubes, as well as solid bars and custom profiles. Its compact layout, rugged construction, and precise material handling makes it effective for continuous production operations.

CM602 assists the operator with step-by-step instructions before the machine selects the appropriate blade from its library, calculates the stroke, the cutting head feed rate, the blade speed, and then monitors the chip load. The material is loaded into the cutting area by a servomotor carriage, providing highly repeatable positioning and accuracy of the cut lengths. At the end of the cut, the bar is retracted to enable its detachment from the blade which preserves the material’s end finish and increases the saw blade’s lifetime. The cutting head is positioned at 45° to the tube surface and linear movement across the tube provides a uniform load on the blade, resulting in reduced noise and less scrap.


Atomizing spray nozzle

The 4 NPT No Drip Internal Mix is a deflected flat fan nozzle that atomizes fluid and sprays at a right-angle. This nozzle features positively stopping liquid flow when the compressed air is shut off, sealing off the flow of liquid and eliminating the possibility of drips.

The nozzles work for pressure-fed applications that don’t require independent air and liquid control. The nozzles are fully adjustable to minimize air and liquid consumption and have interchangeable liquid and air caps. All No Drip liquid nozzles are CE compliant and conflict-mineral free.

Exair Corp.