Low-profile THA and THAS Series aluminum Thinpack capacitors offer high-energy density to support smaller products with simplified assembly and higher reliability.

Sealed, laser-welded aluminum cases eliminate end-seal gaskets. A valve vents hydrogen gas to reduce swelling.

Both capacitors are rated for 3,000 hr. lifespans (at 85°C for THA, at 105°C for THAs). Values from 60µF at 450VDC to 18,000µF at 10VDC, with 72 capacitance/voltage combinations are available.

Applications include circuits that require high capacitance bulk storage and filtering in a low-height profile, such as drones and unmanned aerial systems, tablets, laptops, instrumentation, commercial-grade LED driver modules, compact power supplies, and 1U rack-mounted devices.

Cornell Dubilier Electronics

Online 3D catalog of digital part models

Brother Corp’s online catalog of digital part models for gearmotors and reducers provides a step-by-step guide for determining solutions. Users can quickly configure, preview, and download Brother products in more than 150 formats, shortening design cycles. Technology partner Cardenas PARTSolutions built the online system for Brother.


Cadenas PARTSolutions

Pivot arm robot

Designed to eliminate height restrictions in space-contrained environments, the vertical axis of the PA-5 gantry robot is a pivoting arm that can fit beneath low ceilings. The robot can lift and transport the same loads as a conventional vertical axis.

The pivoting vertical axis eliminates headspace requirements, saves space, and increases payload up to 25%. It can be fitted with a mobile overhead guard, eliminating the need for overhead safety guards for the length of the horizontal axis.