CarTech Hiperco 50 iron-cobalt soft magnetic alloy offers more power per unit area for manufacturers supplying rotor and stator laminations for motors and generators in aircraft auxiliary power units (APUs). The alloy, available in strips, is 25% lighter than thin-gauge silicon-iron alloys and offers high saturation, low coercivity, and low core loss.

Carpenter Technology

CMM with computed tomography sensor

The TomoCheck HA 200 combines transmission tubes with up to 225kV acceleration voltage and large, high-resolution detectors to measure multi-material assemblies and large-volume workpieces.

A granite base, high-precision mechanics, and air-bearing technology achieve a maximum permissible error of maximum permissible exposure (MPE) of E1 = (0.5 + L/500)µm or MPE E = (2.5 + L/150)µm. X-ray sensor probing error is minimized, while the diamond target tubes and a high-pixel-count detector allow the computed tomography machine to achieve 0.1µm range resolutions.

WinWerth 3D measurement software performs data recording, nominal, and actual comparisons on the CAD model. Cavity- and crack-inspection software tools for material analysis are also available.

Werth Inc.

Inserts for HRSA materials

JX1 and JP2 grade inserts use Bidemics composite cutting-tool material to machine heat resistant super alloy (HRSA) materials up to 1,600sfm with high wear-resistance and consistent surface finish.

When maintaining whisker insert parameters, JX1 can double speeds compared to whisker insert maximum speeds, machining Inconel 718 turbine disks at 1,300sfm versus 650sfm. JP2 can run a finishing operation of Inconel 718 at speeds 7x faster than conventional carbide inserts (800sfm compared to 120sfm).

NTK Cutting Tools