Maple Plain, Minnesota-based Proto Labs has acquired Rapid Manufacturing Group LLC, a Nashua, New Hampshire-based custom parts supplier specializing in quick-turn sheet metal fabrication and CNC machining for $120 million.

Rapid has 140,000ft2 of manufacturing space and approximately 300 employees. It adds quick-turn and e-commerce-enabled sheet metal services to Proto Labs’ portfolio and expands machining capabilities to support larger, more complex projects, says Vicki Holt, Proto Labs CEO.;

Compact directed energy deposition

BeAM Machines’ directed energy deposition (DED) Modulo 400 machine integrates the laser, chiller, fume extractor, and other equipment into the machine cabinet, making the machine’s footprint small enough to fit inside a shipping container or box truck.

A 2kW fiber laser, controlled atmosphere system, multiple deposition heads, touch trigger probe, and light-duty milling spindle for dry machining are options.

Additive software suite

DP Technology’s ESPRIT Additive Suite features programming, optimization, and simulation for additive and subtractive manufacturing.

Hybrid CNC/additive direct metal deposition app offers programming, simulation for multi-function additive and subtractive tools; toolpaths, simulation, verification for additive/subtractive processes; universal CNC machine tool post processing.

3D powder bed fusion app orients part, creates supports; optimizes build, slicing and nesting; generates job file; Part-to-Build workflow combines 3D CAD file with manufacturing information, converts it into a job file for a specific machine; intermediary Part-to-Build files can be created and reused in other job files.

Additive process control app shares information including 3D CAD files, Part-to-Build files, job files, post-build information such as user comments, build results, and machine log files.

First Project Atlas machine unveiled

GE Additive’s first Beta machine, part of its Additive Technology Large Area System (ATLAS) program, is a laser powder-bed fusion system that makes large, complex metal parts.

Developed in nine months, the Beta builds on technology developed by GE, combined with Concept Laser’s expertise in laser additive machines.

The machine features improved resolution and build rate speeds and has a scalable architecture that can increase the Z-axis beyond 1.0m. The machine can incorporate additional lasers and discrete dosing to save on powder and cost.;