The CVG Series vertical universal cylindrical grinding machine with pallet changer, available in three part-swing diameter sizes of 25.5", 37.5", and 53", grinds the OD, ID, and faces all in one part chucking with machine roundness accuracy of less than 0.00004".

Standard frequency, twin opposing wheel spindles feature a larger heavy-duty spindle dedicated to OD and face grinding (uses a 14" diameter wheel) and a smaller spindle for ID and face grinding.

All CVG machines come with a six place automatic tool changer that uses the HSK-E100 type quill clamping system. Large numbers of stored and qualified wheels reduce setup time and improve part quality as complicated parts can be completed in one chucking. Grinding wheel loading and unloading is performed through the ergonomically positioned door in the side of the enclosure.

Taiyo Koki Grinding Machine Co.

A DMG MORI company

Tandem press line with robotics

HD series hydraulic presses have capacities of 10 tons to 6,000 tons for manufacturing aircraft body panels, sheet-metal structure, and aircraft parts. The largest have supports 13m in length. The 2,000-ton tandem press line with Yaskawa robotics and left-and-right moving supports can exchange heavy dies efficiently. The company’s engineering team can combine specs and options that suit the application and integrate production line and automation.

Dees Hydraulic Industrial Co. Ltd.

Step drill

The EF Step Drill is a high-penetration rate, solid carbide tool that drills and chamfers in one operation, saving time and providing a more accurate hole-to-chamfer location and optimal hole preparation for tapping or thread milling. Tools feature a double margin design on the minor diameter for the roundest threaded hole size, and the web construction is adjusted for each diameter for maximum chip evacuation efficiency.

The program includes sizes from 2.8mm to 15.5mm minor diameter, UNC/UNF (No.6-32 to 5/8" – 11", M/MF (M3 to M18), and a full-size range in 2XD and 3.5XD lengths. Tools have a coolant-thru, 4-margin design with TiAIN-T14 coating, can cut a range of materials and are available in cut- or form-thread diameters.

Emuge Corp.

Additional machining angles

Angle heads add a cutting axis to existing machines, allowing machining from additional angles without tilt tables. The angle heads come in fixed angles of 45°and 90°, and a flexible model can be set to any angle to reach inaccessible areas. The angled portion of the holder can be rotated freely 360°, allowing the axis to face any direction. All fixed models come with an external nozzle for directing coolant at the cutting surface. Center-through coolant can be added.

The models use a range of collet sizes, allowing tools from 0.5mm to 20.0mm (0.02" to 0.787") to be chucked. Taps can be chucked by using tension/compression tap adapters. The plunger used to lock the unit in place to the machine spindle is offered in different lengths, allowing installation on any spindle surface configuration. The range of plunger lengths allow angle heads to fit a range of machines with less setup time.

Angle heads are available in CAT, HSK, and BT shanks, with other shanks to accommodate custom orders.

NT USA Corp.