The Core-D machine measures turbine blades by shining a non-contact, high-intensity light spot across the blade surface. Driven by a 3D CAD program, cameras measure the spot as it moves. The light sensor is mounted on a high-accuracy 5-axis coordinate measuring machine (CMM) that allows the system to be calibrated to ISO 10360 standard as an optical CMM for production use.

Core-D can measure shiny surfaces, including polished mirror finishes, without needing a spray coating. Systems come in sizes to handle small to long fan blades, are shop-floor hardened, and can be run in automated production environments.

Wenzel America Ltd.

End mills for tough materials

Jabro-Solid2 JS750 end mills offer 25% to 40% longer tool life when machining challenging materials, including ISO M (stainless steel) and S (heat-resistant superalloys and titanium). Designed for aerospace applications, JS754 and JS755 cutter geometries optimize conventional side milling, roughing, and slotting, as well as advanced roughing and dynamic milling. Smooth peripheral rake faces and strong radius design evacuate chips efficiently while maintaining a true radius form. Increased front-back tapers enhance speed and reliability for pocket machining.

Seco Tools LLC

Single pivot-point galvanometer

The AGV-SPO single pivot-point galvanometer scanner offers a large field of view and reduced spot distortion for laser micromachining applications. Minimal spot distortion across the entire field of view minimizes processing variation, supporting high-quality laser-processed parts. A larger field of view simplifies processing of large parts.

Various optical coatings and focusing optics support multiple laser wavelengths. Customized optics and optical mounting features are also available. Air- and water-cooling options provide thermal stability and improve long-term accuracy.

Aerotech Inc.

More information on the AGV-SPO can be found at:

AGV14SPO specifications