Developed for use with ULTEM AM9085F material, AMS31F filament reduces the time required to remove structural supports from fused deposition modelled (FDM) parts. It separates easily at room temperature and the filament’s white color provides a sharp contrast to ULTEM’s amber color.

The filaments are compatible with Stratasys Fortus Classic printers and various open architecture industrial printers.


SLM Solutions, Honeywell partner to reduce printing times

SLM Solutions and Honeywell are working together to qualify new additive manufacturing (AM) parameters that enable printing at increased thicknesses, reducing printing times and costs.

Honeywell’s Aerospace business will begin qualification efforts for aluminum builds using increased layer thicknesses of 60µm and 90µm on the SLM500. SLM Solutions will provide their standard aluminum parameter sets for Honeywell to complete material qualification using the quad-laser systems to achieve optimal material properties.

Dr. Sören Wiener, senior director of technology and advanced operations for Honeywell’s Aerospace business, says, “We intend to qualify these parameter sets through repeatability testing in our production environment, including build and post-processing to generate an efficient process with a set of material property data.”


SLM Solutions

Sustainable, premium AM-ready metal powders

6K has launched the first additive manufacturing (AM) powders derived from sustainable sources. 6K’s process can convert machined millings, turnings, and other recycled feedstock sources into AM-ready metal powder.

The technology produces premium powder from certified machining turnings and previously used powders. In the future, 6K hopes to recycle feedstock created from AM support structures, non-conforming AM parts post-print, and other inputs. The goal is to use 100% of the materials that enter the supply chain, providing AM end-users a way to manage project costs and control the supply chain while advancing toward a circular AM economy.


Work order management software for 3D printing

GrabCAD Shop software streamlines work order management, allowing engineers, designers, and shop operators to collaborate on 3D printing orders.

The cloud-based software organizes print work requests, CAD files, and project specs all in one space. As jobs progress, shop operators and engineers receive status updates on the platform and via email. GrabCAD Shop comes pre-populated with Stratasys printers and materials. Third-party printers and traditional fabrication technology systems can also be added.



Open source platform for metal additive manufacturing

The Virtual Foundry’s recent patent covers a process for extruding metal, glass, or ceramic powder with a thermoplastic binder into continuous filament suitable for use in fused filament 3D printers. Once an object is printed using this hybrid material, it is sintered to remove the plastic binder. This process produces an object of consistently high purity – up to 98% of the base material.

Plastic-infused metal, ceramic, and glass filaments enable objects to be 3D printed on fused deposition modeling (FDM) equipment.

It creates functional metal prototype parts in a few days, compared to several weeks using subtractive manufacturing.

The Virtual Foundry