The high-precision Nakamura-Tome MX-100 multitasking machining center offers high productivity milling and turning. Features include advanced software, 15hp upper tool spindle and turning capability, and a milling turret that offers 12 tool stations with 24 indexing positions.

The MX-100 is well-suited for high-mix, short-lot production of aerospace parts. A compact design maximizes floor space, while heavy-duty construction includes a rigid-design casting and 37,200 lb column – 30% heavier than other machines in its class.

A PC-based 19" SmartX touchscreen works with the Fanuc 31i-B5 control.

Smart features include the NT Work Navigator that recognizes coordinates of machine parts with non-round shapes – such as those in forgings and castings – eliminating the need for positioning fixtures and clamping devices. The included Advanced NT Nurse System software package supports operation, programming, and production. Functions include phase recognition (key for multitasking), direct chucking, and precise synchronization of the left-hand/right-hand spindles. Additional functions include a load monitor for identifying tool wear/breakage, tool life management, and machine monitoring.

A standard electronic-detector safety feature reduces the impact and force of a machine collision. Should a crash occur, servo motor-feeding direction reverses, and the machine stops within 4 milliseconds.

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