TungThread indexable threading tools now include 11ER external threading inserts, 8mm x 8mm square shank holders and 10mm x10mm square shank holders.

The 11ER insert is smaller than conventional 16ER inserts, and insert holders are designed to ensure a minimum interference when machined toward the sub-spindle.

The inserts perform threading applications on Swiss-type automatic lathes and other small-parts manufacturing equipment.

Tungaloy America Inc.

Magazine bar feeder

The FMB Turbo 3-38 automatic bar loading magazine feeds round, square, and hexagonal bar material into CNC lathes. Quick-change polyurethane guide channels operate quietly at high cutting rates. This feeder is compatible with all sliding, fixed, CNC, or cam-operated lathes with up to 38mm spindle bores.

The bar stock alignment guides and separation device can be quickly adjusted for new bar diameters, reducing setup time.

Maximum adjustable forward feed rate is 1,000mm/sec and maximum adjustable return speed is 2,000mm/sec.

The 8" touch screen operator control panel displays parameters and allows bar feeder and the CNC lathe interaction.

Edge Technologies

Workpiece positioning system

The WPS/APS workpiece positioning system features a manual zero-point clamping system for turning, milling, inspection, and finishing.

The system reduces setup time up to 90% without clamping devices. A range of accessories and adapters ensures flexible clamping of most workpiece geometries without interfering machining or contours, making it suitable for 5-axis machining.

Clamping modules can be mounted on highly tempered quality steel T-slotted table, or grid plate, with a specialized coating to protect against rust and contaminants.

SMW Autoblok Corp.

Grooving tool

The MX range now includes Capto toolholders that offer 0.222" (5.65mm), 0.125" (4.00mm), and 0.196" (5.00mm) insert widths. Maximum cutting depth is 0.24" (6.00mm).

The toolholders feature enhanced rigidity and modularity while the tapered polygonal shape handles torsional and bending forces. This interface can be used for lathes and turning/milling centers.

With Capto monoblock tools (C3–C6), the MX system can now also be used on machines with Capto interfaces. Parting blades work with automatic lathes and multi-spindle machines.

Walter-specific precision cooling and Tiger·tec Silver cutting tool materials provide longer tool life. Four-edge indexable inserts can be used after one or more cutting edge breaks.


Multi-hit tube-end forming machine

The RB80 RFXT MH3 tube-end forming machine is a digitally controlled, three-hit, wide-vise, ram-form machine. It’s fully programmable and incorporates the FormPro II control system, allowing the operator to select up to three progressive ram-form hits in a single clamping. The machine incorporates multiple machines into one, reducing change-over time and increasing throughput. The machine is suitable for tubes up to 80mm in diameter and wall thicknesses up to 2mm.

Innovative Engineered Solutions Inc.

Deburring mini tool

The DL2 tool consists of a tool body, blade housing, coolant sleeve, and carbide blade. The tool setup remains identical throughout the complete range. The blade housing guides the blade and controls the movement over the edge. The blade provides the spring action bearing of the mechanical cutting edge. Coolant supply across the tool is guided directly to the carbide blade, important for function and safety of high-volume production.

Heule Tool Corp.

Hydraulic toolholder with cool-flow

The Tendo Slim 4ax cool-flow toolholder machines steel, aluminum, and plastic. The coolant or waterjet does not depend on the unclamped length, adapting to the metal-cutting process. Its jet fully surrounds the tool shank up to the cutting edge, improving chip removal and increasing overall process efficiency. Vibration-absorbing mounting cool-flow technology offers excellent surface quality when roughing, pre-finishing, and finishing.