1) What is Force?

VERICUT Force is a physics-based feedrate optimization program that analyzes and optimizes cutting conditions throughout NC program operations. VERICUT Force makes the most effective NC program for the given material, cutting tool, and machining conditions.

2) Who should be interested in Force?

All companies that do CNC machining and are interested in time savings and improved results should be interested in Force optimization. Any NC program using a cutting tool that makes a chip – including milling or turning – in any material, from superalloys to plastics and everything in between, should all be Force optimized.

3) What are the benefits of Force?

Force provides an optimal, balanced approach to feedrate optimization. A traditional non-Force-optimized program will fix the feedrate and vary the chip thickness while cutting. A Force optimized program will fix the chip thickness and vary the feedrate (a.k.a., feedrate scheduling) and produce an optimized NC program that will be faster and safer. The combination of VERICUT simulation/verification and Force optimization are ideal for non-attended and lights-out machining.

A Force optimized program will:

  • Use cutting tools to their full potential (maximize chip thickness, keep it constant)
  • Increase feedrates when chip thinning occurs, creating time savings
  • Limit force or feedrates where excesses are occurring for a safer NC program
  • Gain substantial time savings, improved tool life

4) What makes Force different from other optimization products?

VERICUT Force offers the best solution for true, constant chip-thickness machining with proven results in aerospace and other manufacturing industries.

VERICUT Force is neither CAM system nor machine specific, so Force can optimize any CNC program from any CAM system. Force optimizes any CAM system, any CNC machine, any material, any cutting tool, and any part, large or small.

Force allows for fast iterations. Often optimization involves testing different settings to find the optimal desired results. With VERICUT Force, these parameter changes can be made easily and quickly.

VERICUT Force is designed by NC programmers for NC programmers. It makes sense to them – NC programmers get it without getting confused or frustrated.

Force Charts along with VERICUT NC program review give excellent visual tools that provide the NC programmer with valuable information to make data-driven decisions based on facts, not guesses, opinions, theories, or past experiences. Force charts provide real visual data, exposing opportunity for improvement and optimal machining decisions.

5) How does Force impact the aerospace industry?

The aerospace industry encompasses some of the most complex machined parts made from the most challenging materials in the manufacturing market, and it involves hundreds of suppliers. Every one of these suppliers has the challenge of making its products better, cheaper, and faster. Suppliers must also compete for work, win with competitive bids, and perform while making a profit.

What if VERICUT Force could help a machine shop make its products 30% faster than the competition? This advantage could turn into reducing price and delivery time (which every aerospace company is pressing for), increasing shop capacity, increasing profit margins, or possibly all three.

For more info: www.cgtech.com/force