The WTX high-feed drill features four cutting edges for increased precision, productivity, and service life.The pyramid geometry ensures extremely aggressive and precise drilling performance.

WTX achieves 0.03mm positioning accuracy and consistent centering properties. Drilling quality, hole tolerance, surface finish, and positioning accuracy increase component quality, reducing or eliminating rework. Low burr formation when entering/exiting the hole eliminates subsequent deburring.

The four-flute design enables high feeds in steel processing and secure and quick chip removal.

The applied Dragonskin uses TiAIN nanolayer coating with a 0.35 coefficient of friction and allows for maximum application temperatures of 1,832ºF.

Ceratizit USA Inc.

Milling cutter with round insert

The M2471 milling cutter includes a double-sided round insert with eight cutting edges, reducing cutting material costs up to 20%.

Featuring 0.98" (25mm) diameters with parallel shank or ScrewFit modular interface, it allows face and copy milling steel, stainless steels, and materials with difficult cutting properties. Indexing using the flank face of the indexable insert ensures simple, safe handling. The indexable insert is available in G57 and K67 geometries for medium machining conditions and for good machining conditions. It’s also available in Tiger·tec Silver PVD grades WSM35S and WSP45S, boosting tool life.

It offers high metal-removal rate even on low-performance machines due to its soft cutting geometries and positive cutting characteristics.

Walter USA

Lathe control

The TURNPWR lathe control is a workshop-oriented turning control that enables users to program conventional machining operations at the machine in a user friendly programming language. It’s designed for turning machine tools with up to two axes.

The Acu-Rite conversational programming format for controls is a user-friendly method of writing part programs and is included in the TURNPWR. G-code (ISO) programming can also be used.

A 12.1" high-resolution display boasts a clear screen layout. Preview graphics in the editor illustrate machining steps for programming the contour and corresponding tool path generated using only dimensions pulled from a production drawing.

TURNPWR is a closed-loop system with positioning feedback provided by rotary encoders inside the motor assemblies. When fitted with the optional Acu-Rite precision glass scales (1µm/0.00005" resolution), TURNPWR also includes Position-Trac, allowing users to quickly re-establish workpiece zero after shutting down or power loss.


Abrasive safety guide

The Safety Resource Microsite offers a range of resources to help ensure safe design, application, and use of Norton abrasives products.

Content includes safety data sheets for Norton’s products including grinding wheels, portable wheels, and coated/ non-woven abrasives. Various safety videos also cover applications using form belts, precision grinding and dressing, guard conversions on right angle grinders, and wheel mounting.

A Safety Icon Library demonstrates how to identify different types of safety icons including hazard alert, prohibition, mandatory action, and proper machine use.

Norton | Saint-Gobain Abrasives

Exchangeable drill insert, premium toolholders

The i-One system consists of exchangeable micro-grain carbide drill inserts and premium tool steel toolholders with coolant channels. It allows engineers to help customers maximize machining productivity and profitability. i-One drills come in various insert sizes, and toolholders are available in 3xD, 5xD, and 8xD depths and in ODs from 0.393" to 1.328" (10mm to 33.73mm).


Horizontal machining center

The HN80E-5X 5-axis horizontal machining center, the largest in the heavy-duty HN-5X series, features 49.2" of travel in the X-axis, 48.4" in Y-axis, and 47.2" in Z-axis. Max. workpiece diameter is 49.2" x 39.4", and max. weight is 3,300 lb.

Simultaneous 5-axis machining improves cycle times and machined surfaces of complicated and 3D curved components. A 5-axis compensation function ensures high accuracy for extended periods. Five-face machining reduces the number of setups and simplifies fixtures for substantially reduced changeover times. For additional efficiency, the tool magazine is driven by a servo motor for fast, reliable indexing


Niigata Machine Techno USA Inc.