Rapid-fire facts

  • First flight: Jan. 24, 1961
  • Anti-shock bodies on wing upper trailing edge
  • Number built: 37
  • Retired: September 1987
  • Specifications

  • Wingspan: 120ft (36.6m)
  • Length: 139ft 9” (42.5m)
  • Height: 39ft 6” (11m)
  • Cruise speed: 557mph (896km/h)
  • Engines: 4 General Electric CJ805-23B turbofans
  • April/May winner:

    Greg Long, Senior Tooling Engineer, NORDAM Nacelle/Thrust Reverser Systems Division, Tulsa, Oklahoma

    How long have you been in the aerospace business?

    17 years.

    How did you become interested in aircraft?

    My interest started in my youth, building models of mostly WWII vintage aircraft through the early jet age. This evolved into a career as a tool and die maker, and finally into aircraft manufacturing as a tooling engineer/CNC coordinator.

    What is your favorite aircraft (and why)?

    My favorite aircraft has always been the Lockheed P-38 Lightning. From its Kelly Johnson-inspired design to its twin turbocharged V1710 Allisons and quad .50 caliber/20mm cannon layout, this has always been my favorite. It was a complex aircraft to fly in combat, but those who mastered it used it to their advantage.


    Alvaro Domenighi

    International Tech Service Engineer

    3M Aerospace and Commercial Transportation Div.

    St. Paul, Minnesota

    Robert Harker


    University of Florida

    Gainesville, Florida

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    April/May answer:

    Martin P6M


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