Clamping system

The Safe-Lock tool clamping system provides pullout protection to withstand tough materials. Spiral-shaped grooves integrate into corresponding carbide drive pins in the tool holder, uniting frictional clamping force and positive locking. This allows for increased cutting depths and feed rates and doubles metal removal rates (MRR). It has increased MRR without sacrificing runout or balance accuracy.

Haimer USA LLC

IMTS 2016 Booth #W-1452

Multisensor metrology software

ZONE3 Version 4, 3D CAD-based multisensor metrology software includes a range of features and capabilities to make 3D multisensor measurement easier, more efficient, and more effective. Features and capabilities include:

Finders and video tools, including the auto adjust light finder to adjust a light source to an intensity goal; a blob tool finder to locate irregular geometries and report their areas and centroid locations in single or multiple fields-of-view(s); and the area multi-focus finder that uses optical focus to create an array of 3D data points that can be used in constructions or feature definitions. An advanced edge detection finder, and an acquire image tool allow a video image to be acquired and saved in various formats.

Replace CAD, a productivity tool, allows updating of a CAD file in an existing part routine when the part design changes. ZONE3 automatically eliminates steps in the routine associated with features that no longer exist in the new CAD file and highlights new features.

Task based programming, for subsets of a master measurement routine (task lists) to run in lieu of the full routine.

New ways to perform alignments, including using current alignment to ensure a current datum alignment is applied to a geometric tolerance and dimension (GD&T) step rather than specifying each datum individually; and alignment indexer where alignments used in a repeat loop are sequenced and numbered to optimize runtime and associate each measurement with its coordinate system alignment.

Constructions, including extreme point, where the measured point for the selected feature that is the most extreme in a specified direction may be constructed, reported, and/or used as an expression variable, and angle measurements, where complementary or supplementary angles in any plane may be reported.

Tolerance options including: user-defined global block tolerances, ISO 2768 tolerances (fine, medium, coarse, very coarse), user-defined decimal digits, unilateral tolerances, and ISO tolerances.

OGP (Optical Gaging Products)

IMTS 2016 Booth #E-5602

Clamping elements

The clamping elements of the CleverClamp system are tailored to manufacture one-off and small-batch parts. They are simple to handle, serve a variety of applications, decrease setup times, increase machining times, and improve productivity.

The system’s basic rails are calibrated to fit the Erowa UPC and Erowa MTS production tooling systems. Clamping elements can be quickly positioned on the serrated base rails and be used horizontally or vertically. The base rails provide the flexibility to attach workpieces of varying shapes and sizes in a limited amount of space. The system can be universally automated increasing machine utilization.

Erowa Technology Inc.

IMTS 2016 Booth #E-5037

Multitasking turning center

The VTM-1200YB multitasking CNC turning center, for heavy-duty turning and cutting of large parts, offers extreme rigidity and powerful cutting capabilities for machining large diameter workpieces. The turning center cuts a variety of shapes, from turning to slope multitasking; performing turning, vertical, horizontal, and angled surface machining in one operation. The work spindle is supported at two locations by large diameter roller bearings that offer precise control for complex parts. The high-torque spindle can sustain heavy cutting necessary for large parts such as valve bodies.

This machine comes with the new OSP-P300S control, thermo-friendly concept to maintain thermal stability, and collision avoidance system.

Okuma America Corp.

IMTS 2016 Booth #S-8500

Coolant recycling systems

Environmentally-friendly hydroFlow Coolant Recycling Systems recycle water-miscible fluid to its maximum potential, drastically reducing fluid purchases and eliminating or significantly lowering disposal expenses.

Four different recycling systems range in size from small to large and provide a rapid return on investment low maintenance, and unattended operation. Custom configurations can be supplied for situations where greater flow rates or higher processing capacities are required.

Eriez Magnetics

IMTS Booth #N-6966

Waterjet machining

Upgrades to the microMax enhance accuracy and expand accessory compatibility. The cutting head comes standard for greater precision and virtually zero taper when working with most materials. The system’s linear traction drive system uses optical encoders to provide a positioning accuracy of <5µm. Protective bellows seal off all precision components inside the waterjet and the machine’s rigid construction minimizes vibration, enhancing its accuracy. An optional catcher tank cooling package is now an option available to keep the water at a steady 72°F, preventing the work material from expanding and contracting during machining.

Omax Corp.

IMTS Booth #N-6228

Additive, metallic component manufacturing

RenAM 500M builds complex metallic components directly from CAD using metal powder bed fusion technology. The machine manufactures parts within the 250mm x 250mm x 350mm build volume and uses a high-powered ytterbium fiber laser to fuse fine metallic powders, creating functional 3D parts.

In-line sieving allows powder to be recycled and re-used in a single process under an inert atmosphere, reducing user interaction and turnaround time. Metallic powder is loaded into the machine hopper at the front of the system and sieved ultrasonically. Any un-melted material is returned to the hopper and passes through the ultrasonic sieve before being processed. Sieved powder is pneumatically transferred in a flow of high purity argon gas into the powder delivery silo.

Each system is intended to be dedicated to a single material type for a lights-out manufacturing environment and provides a higher level of automation compared to the AM250 and AM400 platforms.

Renishaw Inc.

IMTS 2016 Booth #E-5509

Coolant ring tool holders

Coolant ring technology (CRT) holders are made from high-quality, heat-treated steel and come with a black oxide coating. They are engineered to improve coolant penetration deep into the bore, reducing temperature at the cutting edge. Tool overhang with the holders is infinitely adjustable rather than fixed, allowing for maximum performance without chatter. The holders can be used in conjunction Scientific Cutting Tools’ boring bars and/or qualified threading tools for quick change machining at optimal performance.

Scientific Cutting Tools Inc.

IMTS 2016 Booth #W-2011

Exchangeable-head end mills

The Phoenix PXM exchangeable head end mill series features cutting geometries and coatings to achieve excellent performance in a variety of applications and materials such as steel, stainless steel, hardened steel, and heat resistant alloys. They offer high accuracy and repeatability with radial runout less than 0.0006" (0.015mm) and axial repeatability ±0.0012" (±0.030mm). The tool’s 2-face contact (end face & taper) enables high rigid clamping. At large and small diameters, the PXM offers efficiency, precision, flexibility, and cost savings.


IMTS 2016 Booth #W-1779

3D software

GibbsCAM 2016 software for production machining builds on the universal kinematic machine (UKM) technology, improving efficiency, accelerating programming speed, and enhancing visualization and accuracy for CNC machine programming.

The system’s kinematic framework enables solutions for complex programming challenges, such as oriented turning scenarios, and is compatible with a wide range of programming and machining operations, including solid modeling, high speed machining, 2-to-5 axis milling, wire-EDM, and multitask machining.

3D Systems

IMTS Booth #E-3310

Machine tool integration

The Sinumerik 840D sl CNC’s Smart Operation feature allows machine tool work to be performed with greater flexibility and speed to boost productivity. The feature encompasses job preparation, IT networking, improved usability with touch operation, and mobile devices monitoring. The program simplifies the integration of machines into the production process without requiring IT support. Smart Operation encompasses: Smart Prepare, Smart Operate, Smart IT, and Smart Mobile.

Siemens Corp.

IMTS 2016 Booth #E-4502

Helical milling cutters

The M4256, M4257, and M4258 high-performance helical milling cutters have been added to the M4000 product family. The M4000 program allows one insert style to be used in a variety of tools, permitting a wide array of milling operations. Using a system insert reduces the cost per cutting edge and time and costs involved in inventory requirements. Adding M4256, M4257 and M4258 helical milling cutters extends those advantages to milling. The new milling cutters can also be used for ramping, pocket milling, shoulder milling, and circular interpolation. Standard inserts are available for applications in steel, cast iron, stainless steels, and difficult-to-cut materials. Mounting configurations are available with Weldon shank, modular ScrewFit interface, and shell mill adaption.

Walter USA LLC

IMTS 2016 Booth #W-1700