Updated vertical machining centers

PS65 and PS105 vertical machining centers (VMC) are equipped with a standard 14,000rpm, CAT #40 spindle (HSK-63A optional), and feature a stiff, rigid, balanced spindle design that eliminates deflection. The result is a stable cutting process capable of consistent metal removal rates and machined surfaces.

Tool loading is from either an exterior loading station or directly into the spindle. A dual-speed tool change system recognizes lighter tools and will speed up the tool-exchange cycle.

The PS-Series chip and coolant management system is configured with steep internal side slopes, coolant flush on the tele-covers, spiral chip conveyors, and nozzle and flush coolant.

The machine table moves toward the operator to minimize reach and is at a comfortable height for operators to access the spindle and work zone. L-shaped operator access doors provide open ceiling access for handling of large, heavy workpieces and fixtures requiring an overhead crane.



Updated, optimized CAM module

NCSIMUL Solutions version 2017 updates optimization of NCSIMUL 4CAM, the CAM add-on module. Features include:

  • Probing strategies with checking, measurement of intermediary rough stocks
  • Support for turning after milling for one-click NC machine turnaround
  • Optitool options enable automation and optimization, graphic analysis for quick before/after comparison
  • NCSIMUL cutting tool management 3D definitions, attachments; cutting conditions enriched, standardized, stored by material, machine, operation
  • One-click project update; phase export/import to exchange project information with other customer sites or external partners
  • Automatic performance analysis of assembly for 5-axis NC machines; automatic graphic detection of machining risk zones, less-than- optimal cutting conditions

Spring Technologies


Precision abrasive waterjet

The MicroMax abrasive waterjet system, capable of 5µm positioning accuracy, comes with a Tilt-A-Jet cutting head for virtually zero taper. Contributing to ultra-high precision capabilities is the linear traction drive system using optical encoders. Protective bellows seal internal precision components, and construction minimizes vibration for enhanced accuracy. An available catcher tank cooling package keeps water at 72°F, preventing expansion and contraction of material during machining.

The MicroMax has a small footprint and a steel, epoxy-coated enclosure with sliding doors for quiet, clean machining. A mobile work station provides setup and monitoring capability using controller software.

Omax Corp.


Collaborative robots

TX2 collaborative robots ensure safety with sensors monitoring every movement of the robot – generating real-time data on the robot’s coordinates, speed, and acceleration.

The TX2 line offers one robot covering each of the five stages of man-robot collaboration (MRC):

Stage 1: Hard guarding separates operator and robot; robot performs manufacturing process

Stage 2: Laser (virtual) guarding separates operator and robot; robot performs manufacturing process, operator enters area periodically

Stage 3: Laser (virtual) guarding separates operator and robot; robot and operator are involved in the manufacturing process; operator enters zone regularly during production

Stage 4: No separation between robot and operator; robot and operator are involved in manufacturing process; robot stops when it comes in contact with operator

Stage 5: No separation between robot and operator; robot and operator are involved in manufacturing process; robot and operator move simultaneously in the same space



Multi-touch operator panels

Sinumerik 15" and 19" blackline panels for Sinumerik 840D sl control systems features alphanumerical keypads, one on the right of the 15" panel can be operated via touch control, while the 19" display can show all the entries made in widescreen format. Touch technology enables interaction with the graphical user interface (GUI) – even when the operator is wearing gloves.

Sinumerik blackline panels have an integrated glass panel on the front side and are designed with IP66 (15") and IP65 (19") degrees of protection. The operator panel can provide a basic machine display, with three or four channels showing up to 13 axes. Panels also feature LED background lighting, providing 40% energy-savings compared to conventional neon lamps.

Siemens Industry Inc.


Profile grinding wheels

CBN and contour-profiled metal bond diamond grinding wheels offer high tool life and precise, durable profiles. Even during deep grinding, almost any profile can be generated with minimal tolerances and with accuracy up to 0.005mm. The contour-profiled grinding wheels can be re-profiled multiple times with repeat accuracy.

Lach Diamond Inc.


Autonomous mobile platform

The Agile1500 automated guided vehicle (AGV) platform is modular, scalable, re-configurable, and can carry up to 1,500kg with a max. speed of 1.7m/s, facilitating just-in-time and just-in-sequence production. Supporting Industry 4.0, Agile 1500 has an integrated laser scanner that stops the AGV upon obstacle detection.

The configurable Agile 1500 can be fitted with accessories. In addition, Agile1500 works with multiple navigation systems that use natural landmarks (walls, objects, etc.) as well as predefined points (magnetic spot and magnetic tape).



Inspection suite software

Quality Inspection Suite conbines Verisurf application modules configured for efficient quality inspection and reporting.

Application modules include:

Verisurf CAD – Reads native CAD file formats; customers can work with solid, surface, wireframe; model-based definition (MBD) lets users set unique IDs, tolerances, and GD&T constraints for any surface, feature, or critical inspection item; Verisurf device interface (VDI) insures device compatibility, controls digital measuring devices

Verisurf Measure – Measures features from precise single points to scanned point clouds; virtual image of measuring device displayed on screen; smart tools automatically recognize, display features during measuring

Verisurf Automate – Programs, operates coordinate measuring machines (CMMs); visual object-oriented programming, open standards increase choices, reduces costs

Verisurf Validate – CAD model translation validation compares authority CAD model to translated CAD model

Verisurf Software Inc.


Documenting quality

Measured values from connected devices can be automatically transferred into separate Excel columns, tables, or files for reliable measurement data documentation. MarCom software ensures that readings can be passed on through an integrated virtual interface box to an statistical process control/computer- aided quality (SPC/CAQ) software such as Q-DAS or Babtec.

Mahr Inc.