CNC turning center family

The Talent 42 and 51 CNC turning centers, part of the Super-Precision T-Series, are for 2-axis, high-precision machining or complex multi-tasking operations that require delicate part handling, and for parts made complete in a single setup.

The T-51, featuring an 8" chuck, is suited for hard turning and tight-tolerance work. Superior specifications eliminate secondary finishing operations while reducing cost and part handling. The T-42 features a 6" chuck.

Hardinge Inc.

Axial-leaded aluminum electrolytic capacitor

The HHT axial-lead aluminum electrolytic capacitor features a glass-to-metal seal to prevent dry-out of the capacitor electrolyte when exposed to high temperatures, preventing a drop in capacitance and increases in equivalent series resistance (ESR). The HHT has a shelf life of 10 years and an operational rated life of 2,000 hours at rated voltage and 175°C.

Designed for high-stress applications, the HHT is RoHS compliant and vibration rated to 20g.

Cornell Dubilier Electronics

VR8 high-pressure coolant system

The VR8 high-pressure coolant system (HPCS) with mounted chiller is energy efficient and adaptive. The addition to the Variable Volume VR series only uses as much horsepower as is required to make set pressure, and the system will automatically adjust the gallons-per-minute output to maintain it.

When combined with the RC36 mounted chiller, which provides constant coolant circulation and temperature control, the system solves thermal growth machining issues and allows users to increase their speeds and feeds. Pressure can be adjusted from the VR8’s primary logic controller (PLC) and controlled by the machine’s M-codes.

The open-loop system RC36 mounted chiller is for use with water-based coolants or oils with viscosities between 90SUS and 140SUS at 100°F. It removes up to 36,000 BTUs per hour at 70°F ambient with no need to add refrigerant or replace the compressor throughout its lifetime.

MP Systems