Sandvik Additive Manufacturing created a 3D-printed diamond composite that can be printed into highly complex shapes with no further machining.

The composite was created using stereolithography – complex parts produced layer-by-layer using ultraviolet light. A slurry containing diamond powder and polymer is used in the process. The diamond powder can be extracted from the polymer in the slurry after the printing, and then be recycled and reused in another print-job.

The diamond composite has high hardness, exceptional heat conductivity, low density, good thermal expansion, and corrosion resistance.

Semi-automated 3D printer

The Figure 4 platform flexible production system provides scalable same-day prototyping and direct 3D production. The digital light printing (DLP) solution produces parts with high surface quality and fidelity. It accelerates time-to-market with up to 100mm/hr print speeds and Six Sigma accuracy and repeatability. The scalable solution meets the needs of various production environments, from standalone units to automated factory solutions.

Industry 4.0 AM consulting

3Diligent Consulting, a division of 3Diligent, works with manufacturing businesses to develop strategies and designs that provide a competitive advantage for Industry 4.0. The consulting group is led by Cullen Hilkene, 3Diligent CEO.