The Freeformer 300-3X processes three components using the Arburg plastic freeforming (APF) technology, enabling industrial additive manufacturing (AM) of complex functional parts in hard/soft combinations with support structures. The machine also offers more space, higher build chamber temperatures, and can be automated and integrated into networked production lines.

The Freeformer 300-3X has a 300cm3 surface area capacity, 50% higher than the Freeformer 200-3X. The build chamber can house larger, small-volume batches and parts up to 234mm x 134mm x 230mm. 3X stands for 3-axis movement of the part carrier in X, Y, and Z.

A two-part build chamber door allows feed hoppers to be refilled during machine operation by opening the top half of the door. The heated build chamber only needs to be opened for inserting the part platform and removing the finished parts. Automatic opening and closing of the build chamber and optional robot interfaces also enable AM automation and connectivity.

An optional closed cooling system with an industrial cooling water connection enables high-temperature materials to be processed at build chamber temperatures up to 200°C.

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