The IoTMeter wireless monitor and alert system remotely collects real-time data on offline industrial vehicles and powered equipment, enabling companies to stay on top of routine maintenance to minimize equipment downtime and lost revenue.

The device is built on an existing web-based product platform. With digital inputs, relay outputs, analog inputs, and software, the customizable solution collects data on usage hours, temperature, and voltage. It works with powered equipment such as ground support vehicles, construction equipment, forklifts, and production machinery.

Linor Technology Inc.

Adhesive workholding system

Blue Photon’s workholding products — on display at EMO Hannover 2019 — hold parts for tight-tolerance machining and inspection. The grip technology is suitable for complex-shaped, hard-to-hold parts, as well as delicate materials such as ceramic and laminated composites. Grippers are easily installed into fixtures to grip and support the part without clamping. The grippers supply up to 605 lb of tensile holding power without distorting the part and allow for easy automation of difficult-to-load parts. Any part at risk of distortion from traditional clamping or posing fixturing design complications is held with the gripper and BlueGrip workholding adhesive.

Blue Photon Technology and Workholding Systems LLC

Flame retardant adhesive

Delo-Duopox AB8162 flame-retardant structural adhesive is a two-component epoxy resin offering fast build-up strength for bonding lightweight structural joints.

The adhesive can be used for coating or bonding insert fasteners and its beige-yellowish color makes it suitable for honeycomb sandwich panels in aircraft. Curable at room temperature, it has been optimized for temperature-accelerated curing; 15 minutes of curing at 60°C achieves functional strength (=10MPa). Maintaining high strength, even with temperature and aging, the adhesive also resists hydraulic fluids, such as Skydrol.

The dispensing system processes the adhesive like a one-component product; when the shear stress stops at the end of dispensing, viscosity increases, preventing the adhesive from flowing away.


Electromagnetic interface filters

The FMAB HV series of electromagnetic interface (EMI) filters for 1-phase systems are suitable for applications requiring up to 277VAC, such as 1-phase of the 3-phase 480/277VAC wye system and rated for 400VDC, a power infrastructure in data centers and their equipment according to IEC 60950.

For mixed AC and DC power infrastructures used for energy efficiency and/or improved power reliability, the FMAB HV enables filtering on the AC and DC sides of the power stream, connected via line power directly, before and after conversion, or stepped down to 250V. With high symmetrical attenuation, the filter series is suited for devices using semiconductors, which regulate high outputs. The compact, fully enclosed housing provides optimized shielding through a stable, flush mounting.

Schurter Inc.