Elliott Tool Technology burnishing tools for ID, OD, ID/OD, and flat surfaces produce a 4Ra to 8Ra surface finish in one pass, eliminating secondary grinding, honing, and polishing. ID burnishing tools produce sizing in 0.0001" increments.

Roller burnishing produces a 25% size improvement in steel and up to a 50% size improvement in high-ductility materials. Burnishing increases the surface hardness through cold working and compressive forces, increasing the metal’s resistance to fatigue and failure at stress points. It can be used for sealing or bearing surfaces, seats, areas that require pre-stressing or good surface finishes, or tight diameter tolerances.

Monaghan Tooling Group

Parts accumulator

The Royal Rota-Rack safely collects finished parts as they come off a CNC lathe, enabling unattended operations for extended periods. No machine interface is needed – the unit plugs into a 110V outlet, and the operator sets the index functions via touch-screen programmable logic control (PLC).

Royal Products

High-temperature seals

Ultra High Temp Seals allow manufacturers to develop aircraft engines that operate at 600°F and higher to run more efficiently, reducing fuel consumption.

Used in the fuselage, pylons, thrust reversers, and engine applications, they provide a barrier, preventing airflow from one area of a plane to another during normal operating conditions. They can also contain fires.

Their design overcomes the inherent silicone characteristic of relaxation and compression-set at elevated temperatures, a major cause of failure in fire seals. They also eliminate the need for thermal protection of sealing elements, saving weight and reducing part count, making assembly easier.

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions