Sensor solutions provider Hensoldt and additively manufactured electronics (AME)/printed electronics (PE) provider Nano Dimension have developed a multi-layer printed circuit board (PCB) using 3D printing. With a dielectric polymer ink and conductive ink from Nano Dimension, Hensoldt assembled the 10-layer PCB that carries high-performance electronic structures soldered to both outer sides. Until now, 3D-printed boards could not bear the soldering for two-sided component population.


Nano Dimension

Additive direct energy deposition software

DP Technology’s commercial version of Esprit CAM includes additive direct energy deposition (DED) cycles. It provides 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis DED support. Combined with the subtractive processes and embedded into a single software, it supports the full spectrum of hybrid manufacturing.

Esprit’s additive DED cycles include simulation and verification, as well as global support from Esprit’s technical teams. The post-processor was validated through collaboration with major machine manufacturers and educational institutions. The new cycles offer users a full-spectrum additive solution, from CAD file to finished part.

DP Technology Corp.