Capture 3D

The ATOS 5 Airfoil enables fast, accurate digitization of complex parts, capturing high-quality data for accelerated inspection and production capabilities and digital twin strategies for quality control.

High-tech measurement cameras and a speckle-free bright blue LED light source can collect 12 million points per scan in 0.2 seconds. Full-field data collection supports comprehensive process and quality control required to inspect critical airfoil components – including turbine blades, nozzle guide vanes, and blisks.

By comparing 3D measurement data against a CAD model or the part’s previous measurement data, manufacturers can verify the dimensional accuracy of the just produced, maintained, or repaired component.

With industrial housing to protect against dust and water, the unit safely integrates into production to quickly scan difficult parts, including reflective surfaces and objects with complicated geometries and surface anomalies. Turbine blades can be digitized entirely in three minutes, producing a digital twin with complete, high-resolution measurement data.

Capture 3D

Replaceable drill tip for aluminum

Sumitomo Electric Carbide

The SMDT-NAL replaceable drill tip – featuring diamond-like carbon DLC Aurora coating – offers high efficiency when machining aluminum alloys and non-ferrous materials. SMD holders include deep hole drilling up to 12xD standard, in diameters ranging from 15/32" to 1-1/4".

DLC Aurora coating is an amorphous film, composed mainly of carbon, with lubricity and chemical stability. It features high hardness for superior abrasion resistance, superior tribology properties, and excellent adhesion resistance for stable chip evacuation.

Increased penetration rates (feed rate/drill diameter = penetration rate) from its low friction coefficient allow machining with 2x to 3x higher feed rates than uncoated drills, reducing cycle time and cost per unit.

Sumitomo Electric Carbide Inc.

Guide actuator with right/left ball screw

THK America;

The Type KR-RL LM guide actuator features a driving element that uses right/left threads and enables symmetrical movements with a single motor.

The actuator integrates an LM guide and a ball screw. Because the single shaft is capable of simultaneous right and left drive, it eliminates complexity and several components from the design. A right- and left-handed ball screw and an integrated body also make a compact design, instead of using two separate ball screws and two separate LM guides.

An electric actuator, gripping force can be regulated according to the fragility of the object being transferred. It can handle loads in radial, reverse-radial, and horizontal directions, making it possible to install in any mounting orientation, such as robot arm end effectors. Speed control, longer life resulting from heat-treated steel, and energy savings are additional benefits. It’s available in nine sizes from 15mm to 65mm with long or short blocks.

THK America Inc.