The 538052 (537052) precision boring cartridge is equipped with 3ETECH digital display for micro-precision adjustment. It can be used on serrated tool bodies and Alu-Line slide tools in 3.937" to 128.15" (100mm to 3,255mm) diameters. Additionally, the cartridge can be adjusted without a readout. Its diameter can be set via a Vernier scale in 0.0001" (0.002mm) increments.

The 3ETECH display unit docks onto the tool and is pushbutton activated to show the relative adjustment in 0.0001" (0.002mm) diameter increments to enable high-precision boring. The readout attaches externally, so it can be used with all Wohlhaupter tools equipped with 3ETECH sensors. The external display is for tools with small body diameters and special tools with one or more adjustment units.

Allied Machine & Engineering

High precision touch probe

The TS 750 high-precision touch probe measures workpieces in-process in grinding machines and lathes. Its low probing force is an advantage working with soft or delicate workpieces.

With probing forces of approximately 1.5N (axial) and 0.2N (radial), the TS 750 can attain ±1µm probing accuracy and repeatability with minimal effect on the measured object.

Even after 5 million probing cycles, the TS 750 is still highly accurate, with a probing repeatability down to 2s = 0.25µm.


Virtual machine commissioning software

Maplesoft’s turnkey solution for machine builders makes virtual commissioning accessible, even for users with no experience with modeling and simulation using digital twins.

The multidomain modeling and simulation tool provides a single environment to model systems found in machine designs, including mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical systems.

MapleSim Insight is a low-cost tool for simulating, visualizing, and sharing MapleSim models with teams who aren’t familiar with modeling tools. It provides faster simulation results, more options for 2D plotting and 3D visualizations, and improved abilities for in-depth, custom analysis. It can also be used for real-time visualization and testing of machine control code, with direct connectivity options for industry-standard automation tools.


Servo-coupling for hollow shaft connections

GWE 5117 series elastomer jaw servo-couplings for hollow-shaft connectors feature a new hub design. With its partially slit hub located directly under the jaws and two screw clamps, this model eliminates radial loads on the shaft and achieves uniform power transmission. It also prevents premature wear and system failure.

The GWE 5117 servo-coupling is equipped with an expanding mandrel for friction-locked torque transmission. A spider element available in solid standard form minimizes movement for longer life.

The coupling’s shorter design fits compact use cases, and an interactive hub QR code links to instructions.

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