CoroTurn Prime A-Type (left) and B-Type (right) tools from Sandvik Coromant.

The PrimeTurning all-direction turning method allows machine shops to complete longitudinal (forward and back), facing, and profiling operations with a single tool. The tool enters the workpiece at the chuck and removes material as it travels toward the end of the part, allowing for the application of a small entering angle, higher lead angle, and the possibility of machining with higher cutting parameters. Users can perform conventional turning (from part-end to chuck using the same tools.

PrimeTurning can improve productivity by more than 50% compared to conventional techniques. The 25° to 30° entering angle and higher lead angle creates thinner, wider chips that spread the load and heat away from the nose radius, extending tool life. As cutting is performed moving away from the shoulder, there is no chip jamming. Reduced setup time and fewer production stops for tool changes lead to higher machine utilization.

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PrimeTurning is initially supported by two CoroTurn Prime turning tools, 52 variants of tool holders, and the PrimeTurning code generator that creates ISO codes to optimize feed rate and entry radius parameters.

Suitable for steel, heat-resistant super alloys, titanium, and stainless steel, CoroTurn Prime A-type inserts have three, 35° corners for light roughing, finishing, and profiling, while the CoroTurn Prime B-type inserts are for rough machining.

Sandvik Coromant