High-penetration inserts, holders

Gen3Sys XT Pro line high-penetration drilling products offer three geometries and two advanced coatings for machining different materials.

Inserts are available for steels (class P), cast irons (class K), and non-ferrous materials (class N). Steel and cast iron inserts have an AM400 series coating for increased wear resistance and tool life. Inserts for non-ferrous materials are coated with titanium nitride (TiN).

Pro line holders feature a flute designed for improved chip evacuation and an updated coolant configuration for increased flow, directing additional coolant to the cutting zone. Holders are available in imperial and metric shank diameters.

Allied Machine & Engineering


5-axis gun-drilling machine

DeHoff's 2072TC 5-axis gun-drilling machine has a traveling column-mounted spindle for X-axis and Y-axis movement and a CAT 40 spindle mounted on the column to enable secondary operations such as milling and tapping.

The 2072TC has a 2" (50.8mm) gun-drilling capacity and a 72" (1,829mm) slide travel. The traveling column provides 60" (1,524mm) of X-axis travel and 46" (1,168mm) of Y-axis travel. Workpiece fixturing options include a stationary T-slot table and a rotary table with self-centering hydraulic vises. The rotary table provides B-axis rotation and is mounted on a W-axis slide for clearance when rotating a long workpiece. Load capacity is 9,000 lb (4,082kg).

Standard elements include a high-pressure coolant system and Beckhoff controls with G-Code programming capability.

Kays Engineering


Lubrication booster system

The Accu-Lube-Booster system is for internal coolant-through-tooling for Suhner machining units, including the BEM 20, BEX 15, and BEX 35. The system supports minimum-quantity-lubrication (MQL) methods for chip-generating operations.

An integrated frequency generator controls a precision metering pump. A predetermined amount of oil flows inside the pressurized boost chamber at 90psi (6 bar) and creates a lubricant mist. This aerosol is fed inside tubing to the coolant union at the machining unit. Next, it flows through the spindle and MQL clamping system of an HSK spindle and tool holder system, ending at the tip of the cutting tool.

Discharged oil film reduces friction between the chips and the tool during machine processing. Most heat generated is absorbed and discharged with the chips.

Suhner Industrial Products Corp.


Wireless laser tracker

The compact OT2 Core laser tracker uses wireless and controller-free laser tracker technology, offering high accuracy measurement, portability, and ease-of-use. Based on the Omnitrac 2 laser tracker unit, the OT2 Core offers an Autolock sensor that can recapture a lost beam and operates using high-precision absolute distance measurement (ADM) technology.

The integrated system needs no external controller cable to connect the tracker to its operation system, and all data can be transferred via Wi-Fi. The controller can operate up to six hours on a rechargeable battery with an optional AC/DC power adapter.

System weight including controllers is 10.9kg, and the OT2 Core can be mounted sideways, upside down, underneath, or directly on a part.

Advanced Precision Inc. (API)


Tandem scissor lifts

Heavy-duty tandem scissor lifts feature lift capacities to 6,000 lb and platform sizes up to 48" x 220", with up to 70" of lift available. They can be custom fabricated when larger platform size or capacity is necessary.

Tandem scissor lifts include internal power units, heavy-duty cylinders, safety maintenance blocks, standard hand control, lifetime lubricated bushings, and heavy-duty legs.

Options include accordion skirting, platforms with beveled edges, pit-mounted units, portability packages, PLC control, foot-pedal control, fork pockets, and external power modules.

Verti-Lift Inc.


Updated software

Esprit 2017 uses algorithms to deliver toolpaths reliably with fewer clicks. The software update also includes 3-axis steep/shallow milling for streamlined machining of complex parts, smart facing with intelligent stock management, responsive 5-axis swarf machining on a wide range of part geometries, and precise tool positioning along lathe contours regardless of insert shape.

In-process stock models are computed quickly to accelerate programming time. Advancements in ProfitMilling technology improve performance inside pockets for better chip evacuation, coolant access, and smoother machine acceleration. Wire EDM programmers can customize and update data in the Esprit Expert database while working.

DP Technology Corp.


Multifunctional counterboring

The TCB drill line has expanded its diameter range, simplifying tool selection for improved production efficiency. For counter boring on machining centers, TCB enables plunging operations for higher efficiency compared with helical interpolating with a shoulder mill. TCB's two effective cutting edges counter-balance each other, allowing a high feed rate with a heavy depth of cut.

Tungaloy America


Quick-change disc system

The Combiclick quick-change disc system provides lower workpiece temperature while improving stock removal and disc life. For use with coated abrasive, non- woven, and felt discs, the Combiclick system includes of a backing pad and locking mechanism. The threaded backing pad allows Combiclick discs to be used on most angle grinders.

Cooling slot geometry ensures high throughput of air, reducing thermal load on the abrasive material and workpiece. Combined with the quick-mounting system, rugged fixture, and secure attachment, this provides up to 30% lower workpiece temperature, 25% increased stock removal, and 30% longer disc life.

Pferd Inc.


Grip collet chuck options

Mega ER holders are sold without a standard clamping nut so users can choose the best clamping nut option for their needs. The line includes more Big-Plus options – BBT30, BBT40, and BBT50 tapers – available in standard configurations of ER11, ER16, ER20, ER25, and ER32.

Clamping nut options are:

  • Mega ER nut – Ball bearing raceway and cylindrical outside diameter provides performance, speed, accuracy for solid-carbide drills and reamers
  • Mega ER solid nut – Surface treatment for friction reduction; cylindrical outside diameter with no ball bearing raceway; friction coating to help collet clamping
  • Standard ER nut – No coolant delivery system; no bearing nut; has surface treatment for friction reduction
  • Mega ER Perfect Seal – Optimized coolant flow; high-pressure coolant up to 7Mpa

Options other than standard ER nut require the Mega wrench to clamp or unclamp the tool. A standard hook spanner wrench can be used on the Standard ER nut for clamping or unclamping.

Big Kaiser