CNC flat bed lathe

The F-20 CNC flat bed lathe, part of the Standard Modern line, offers hardened, ground bedways and X- and Z-axis ball screws for accurate machining. Hand-scraping provides a precise bearing surface. The high-precision, dynamically balanced spindle features three-point roller bearings and a heavy-duty camlock. The CNC control uses Siemens ShopTurn programming software. Other standard features include an electric cabinet heat exchanger, hydraulic 8-position tool changer, chip conveyor, and front-panel USB and RJ45 interfaces.

Available in three lengths, the F-20 is one of four Standard Modern CNC lathe models for training/tool room, slant bed, flat bed, and big-bore options.

Racer Machinery Int’l Inc.

Solid carbide milling cutters

MC232 Perform solid carbide milling cutters, for shops that frequently machine small- and medium-lot sizes, are appropriate for a large range of materials. The cutter is available with 2, 3, or 4 flutes, in a 1/8" to 5/8" (2mm to 20mm) diameter range. Smaller diameters come with cylindrical shanks, and larger diameters use Weldon shanks for higher horsepower cutting.

With features including center-cutting capable geometry, 35° spiral, and WJ30ED grade, the shoulder/slot cutters can perform lateral and pocket milling, slotting, ramping, and helical plunging.

Walter USA LLC

Pass-through parts washer

The Renegade I-series pass-through washer system delivers 3-stage continuous cleaning to wash, rinse, and dry complex, multi-ported parts transported via an inline, conveyorized roller. Each wash-and-rinse-stage compartment contains spray manifolds with nozzles delivering high-pressure force and high-temperature cleaning. The dry stage compartment’s air blower removes residual water from hard-to-reach cavities.

Conveyor tunnel or flow-through cleaning systems are designed for high-production, repetitive cleaning operations, and stages can be configured in any order.

Renegade parts washers are designed to work with Renegade solvent-free detergents to avoid residue buildup.

Service Line Inc.