The BK-1 mini Presto Black finishing line is a low-cost alternative for large-scale finishing of iron and steel. Suitable for small production operations requiring corrosion resistance and galling protection, it processes parts from machine components to metal stampings.

The 15-minute process eliminates hot-oxide hazards by operating at room temperature. It provides high corrosion resistance tested for up to 800 hours of humidity exposure when sealed with an appropriate rust preventive.

Birchwood Technologies

Feeds and speeds app

The Machining Central app scans Widia product barcode or searches the tool’s corresponding order number or ANSI or ISO catalog number, automatically generating product information and availability, along with feeds and speeds.

The app also features NOVO-based calculators, including end milling and face milling calculators.

Widia Products Group
IMTS 2018 Booth #431452

Dispensing robot with larger work area

Featured in a compact and space-saving benchtop, the RP series robots have a 36" x 20" work area for adhesive and other fluid-dispensing applications, as well as assembly using UV curing for mounting, tooling, and fixturing.

The series includes machine-tool quality construction with pre-loaded leadscrews, ball slides, and brushless servomotors on each axis, delivering accuracy and high payload capacity.

The large ground machine-bed provides a stable foundation for fixturing and tooling, allowing parts to remain stationary.

Dispense Works Inc.

Reusable machining jaws

DoveLock master jaws, a replacement of standard cap screwjaws, create quick-change capability. Once installed into the vise, they perform as a receiver for the replaceable jaws.

Designed for repeatable use, they feature reusable, machinable jaws, manufactured from 6061 aluminum or 4140 pre-hard steel, and can be flipped 180° to accommodate a second part profile for an additional setup.

The workstop on the side of the jaw provides quick and repeatable location of up to 0.001" without measuring, ensuring high repeatability even after the jaws have been stored.

Kurt Manufacturing Co.,
Industrial Products Division
IMTS 2018 Booth #432433

Design guide

The Flexible Printed Circuits Design Guide highlights special processes including the ability to selectively plate a single circuit with two different finishes, contoured circuits with variable metal thickness, semi-additive and subtractive techniques to manufacture trace patterns, BGA pad arrays, and open window or cantilevered contact leads. Surface mount technology (SMT) for component assembly is for prototypes and full production runs.

Tech-Etch Inc.

Servo drive system

Simotics S-1FG1 servo-geared motors, designed for use with the Sinamics S120 drive system, extend the line of servo applications and are components of totally integrated automation (TIA), reducing engineering time and costs. Electronic rating plates and motors are connected via the Drive-Cliq system interface. The high-performance single and coordinated multi-axis drives with servo control enable increased line productivity and flexibility.

The Sinamics S120 drive system is available in block size and book size hardware types for use with servo-geared motors. The power units or motor modules in book size format have been redesigned in the 3–30A range.

The small diameter of the plug-on pinion in the motor shaft allows a high transmission ratio in the first gear stage, so a two-stage gearbox can be used for many applications.

Siemens Industry Inc.,
Motion Control Business
IMTS 2018 Booth #134500 & 134502

Grinding machine series

Consisting of the Numerika series, Kargo series, and Flexa series, the Zema corundum line offers solutions for conventional grinding. The machines grind gears, turbochargers, cardan shafts, or spray nozzles.

A machine bed, hydrostatic guides, and grinding spindles mounted on rolling or hydrostatic bearings come standard.

Designed for integration into production lines, the machines offer automation while workpiece families are stored in the control system for quick changeover from one workpiece to another.

Erwin Junker Machinery Inc.
IMTS 2018 Booth #236839

Visual tool setter line

TS WF45 and WF85 wide-field versions have been added to the MIDA VTS visual tool setter family, providing non-contact measuring and verification of double-sided, larger diameter tools. The tools perform profile and surface integrity inspection of the entire tool front to back, identifying any minor faults using LED technology.

Wide field versions process tools with diameters from 40µm to 40mm, or 2.9mm diameter for double-sided measurements, while achieving resolution of 0.4µm and repeatability of 0.8µm. Measurements are performed on tool diameters of up to 5mm in one positioning cycle. Tool length, static or dynamic tool diameter, cutting edge total indicator reading (TIR) are measured with compensating for machine axis thermal drift. Tool software stores information so that tool integrity can be checked in seconds.

Marposs Corp.
IMTS 2018 Booth #135516

Clamping shaft collars, couplings

A line of Accu-Clamp shaft collars, mounting collars, and sleeve couplings provide accurate working surfaces and mar-free clamping.

Collars feature an integral clamp on one side while leaving the other flat and perpendicular within 0.001" total indicated runout (TIR), permitting mounting next to precision bearings, sprockets, and gears. For mounting components, collars have a centering hub with pre-drilled and tapped holes on the flat side and flange.

Shaft collars are made from aluminum, steel, and stainless steel in 0.5" to 2.0" ID sizes. A precision one-piece sleeve coupling – with a rigid center clamp section and the Accu-Clamp feature at each end – offers distortion-free coupling with a precise fit and shaft-to-shaft concentricity within 0.001" TIR.

Stafford Mfg Corp.