With 20 pallets in a 151" footprint, the Supercell-300G 5-axis, horizontal flexible manufacturing cell runs small- to medium-sized, highly complex parts unmanned. With up to 80 pallets available, an integrated work ID system employs an integrated circuit (IC) chip on each pallet, allowing storage and communication of pallet work data to the pallet scheduling sub menu. Placing the pallet pool system in front of the machine provides access and visibility of all pallets simultaneously, supporting part setup and quality control.

The Automatic Work Handling Robot allows smooth and swift pallet changes, reducing pallet load/unload times for just-in-time (JIT) operations.

The 4th and 5th axis employ ultra-high precision roller gear cam technology along with hydraulic clamping for complex 5-axis simultaneous machining with stability and accuracy.

The horizontal spindle offers rigidity, accessibility to the workpiece, and easier chip management for greater levels of accuracy, increased productivity, better surface finishes, quick part changeover, and longer tool life compared to a vertical machining center.

The 174-tool automatic tool changer (ATC), with up to 314 tools available, handles tools up to 350mm (13.7") long, 150mm (5.9") diameter, and 10kg (22 lb). The fixed-pot ATC system ensures proper tool identification, while the matrix design offers 1.3 second, smooth tool changes with complicated parts that require many tools.

Kitamura Machinery
IMTS 2018 Booth #339148