Ultraminiature (EIA 0402, 1005 metric) UBR Series ultra-broadband resistors provide a 125mW power rating and deliver DC to 20GHz performance in communications applications.

The resistors are made with high- performance tantalum nitride (TaN) materials and use Flexiterm surface-mount technology, providing protection against flexure damage during installation, as well as 100% laser trimming for tight tolerances.

The series’ 0402 case sizes measure 1mm x 0.5mm x 0.5mm, ±0.10mm, and have a terminal width of 0.25mm, ±0.15mm.

AVX Corp.

Environment displacement sensors, systems

Extreme environment high-precision displacement sensors and systems for high pressure, low temperature, and high temperature applications can be used for rocket and turbine engine validation testing.

Sensors and systems work in temperatures from -320°F to 1,000°F (1,200°F short-term), and displacement systems withstand pressures up to 5,000psi. Dual-coil sensor designs minimize temperature effects.

The KD-1925, KD-1950, and KD-1975 Extreme environment displacement sensors use KDM-8206EE signal conditioning electronics.

Kaman Precision Products

Brushless motors

The Ultra EC range of brushless DC slotless motors adds the 30ECT, a 4-pole motor offering ultra-high torque and power (up to 245W, max. continuous) without compromising smooth operation or long tool life.

A laser-welded front flange ensures a strong housing to sustain high torque reaction. A temperature probe on the coil head ensures an optimized control of motor performances in heavy-duty applications. Motors are offered with Hall sensors and six different coils to match speed and voltage requirements. The 30ECT can sustain peak torque during 2 seconds up to 1.3Nm (30ECT64) and 2.4Nm (30ECT90) at speeds up to 30,000rpm.


Panel pins

An alternative to screws for attaching thin panels in assemblies, PEM TK TackSert pins securely attach panels of any material to base panels manufactured from common casting materials (such as AZ91D) or plastics (such as ABS and printed circuit boards).

The pins eliminate:

  • Mating threads from tapped holes or inserts
  • Rework required from screw cross- threading and driver bit cam-out
  • Patches for preventing fastener loosening in service
  • A tapered tip assists in pin location and provides easier alignment into a base panel. A diagonal broaching knurl creates a firm interference fit without hole-tolerance issues, and a low-profile head minimizes protrusion on the attached panel.

    Various length pins attach sheets with thicknesses from 0.067" to 0.185" (1.7mm to 4.7mm).