Heavy-duty cutting of exotic alloys can place huge requirements on a CNC machining center when manufacturing large aerospace components such as landing gear, engines, and flaps. WFL’s competence allows manufacturers to produce parts that other machining centers can’t handle.


Aerospace demands maximum precision and reliable machining of complex geometries. WFL’s modular system minimizes distances between the workpiece, tool, and slide rails while giving the widest possible guideway distances. This creates stable conditions and geometries and ensures machining is flexible, accurate, and economical.

All-in-one solution

The goal is to clamp the workpiece once and machine it completely. Tools can be stored and kept ready in the tool magazine, minimizing clamping times while significantly improving positional accuracy – important because 6-sided, deep-hole machining can only be performed during one clamping, two at the most. Setup times fall sharply, and any finishing work can be performed immediately.

Hard material manufacturing

Hard-to-cut material, such as titanium, requires expertise. WFL has shown its competence in this area with machining solutions for aircraft landing gear. WFL provides turnkey solutions that include production strategy, tool selection, and cooling in addition to the machine. MILLTURNs can be adapted precisely to customer requirements – such as the emergency retraction to remove the tool from the workpiece immediately if a power outage occurs to prevent workpiece damage.

Special technologies & software

WFL’s wide range of technology expertise includes internal machining and feed-out tools: deep drilling, boring, bottle boring, and facing heads. All benefits of complete machining for aerospace work are exploited, setting new standards in value and precision.

WFL iControl protects the MILLTURN with up to 16 freely configurable process signals. New functions also record data using a black box with process recording, guaranteeing maximum safety and protection for the machine, tool, and workpiece. In aviation, data must be recorded when performing special machining operations. Logs can verify that no notable incidents occurred in process forces, coolant supply, or other sensors.

Highest accuracy through integrated measurement methods

Machining large, heavy, complex workpieces poses significant challenges for in-process probing. MILLTURN’s touchprobing complete measurement system can evaluate surface roughness or run-out roundness. After surface turning or milling, the scanning probe measures the feature and feeds the information to the machine tool’s control for automatic correction before the final cut. This assures the finished part corresponds with dimensional requirements.

  • In-process measuring: Easy programming and probing of complex geometries with a comprehensive cycle package
  • Ultrasonic measurement for automatic wall thickness correction; the measurement is displayed at the control in real time

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