A laser interferometer measures and compensates CNC machines and CMMs to minimize downtime and improve cost-efficiency. The Status Pro µLine laser interferometer allows fast, easy, regular checks and compensations. A complete functional check can be performed in less than an hour, and the entire machine can be calibrated within a few hours. Software runs automatically after setup, writing automatic compensation files based on the measurement, which is read into the machine control to position the machine accurately. Straightness, perpendicularity, dynamics, and vibration can also be measured.

The µLine laser interferometer measurement system includes the laser interferometer with integrated compensation unit, reflectors, wireless environmental sensors, and software.

Status Pro’s exclusive partner in the Americas is Centric Int’l.

Status Pro

Centric Int’l

Low profile linear guide stages

Additions to the AQ150 series single-axis positioning stages are available off-the-shelf in travel lengths of 600mm (23.622"), 700mm (27.559"), 800mm (31.496"), 900mm (35.433"), and 1,000mm (39.370"). The low-profile, aluminum- and-black anodized stages can handle loads up to 50kg (110.2 lb) and can be ordered in X-Y or X-Y-Z configurations.

Two-phase, stepper-motor driven models feature 2.1µm resolution (achieved with 10 micro-steps per step). The knob on the AQ150 stepper motor series (shown) can be replaced with an optical encoder for position verification. For closed-loop operation, high precision, higher travel speeds, and greater throughput, the stepper motors are replaced with three-phase brushless servo motors and quadrature incremental optical encoders.

Stage tables are 150mm x 150mm (5.90" x 5.90") with a pattern of threaded holes for mounting fixtures or other tooling. The high precision, low-profile rail stages have top and side rail covers. Featuring a 5mm per-turn lead screw, they have 10µm positional accuracy.

The compact linear stages integrate into new and existing systems and are available as complete plug-and- play systems including a single or multi axis controller.

Optimal Engineering Systems Inc. (OES)

Stainless steel turning grades

Three grades for stainless steel turning featuring Duratomic coating offer superior mechanical and thermal properties, and chrome-colored Used-Edge Detection technology reduces potential waste.

TM grades TM1501, TM2501, and TM3501 secure operations and improve productivity in materials ranging from austenitic stainless steel to high-alloyed, super-duplex stainless steels. The expanded range of TM inserts also includes new geometries with chipbreakers optimized for finishing and medium-roughing applications in stainless steel.

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